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Investing in VR/AR: What are VCs Saying and Doing? (new report)

Investors are excited about AR and VR, just like most of the tech world is. But they see things through a different lens. Given risk profiles and often-higher stakes than other entities in the AR and VR landscape, they have additional layers of insight and consideration.

So ARtillry Intelligence ventured (excuse the pun) to capture that perspective in a new report. It spent much of the last year talking to investors, and attending industry events where top investors speak. The result is a collection of insights, synthesized into a categorized narrative.

Where do AR and VR investors see the biggest opportunities? What are their investment theses? What factors signal strong financial upside? What do they look for in a pitch? Finally, what can the rest of us take away from those insights in order to choose the right paths in AR and VR sectors?

These questions are tackled throughout the report, and the key takeaways can be seen below. Topics include enterprise versus consumer approaches; high-end AR and VR versus more rudimentary (but scalable) mobile formats; and strategies around content.

These investors have lots to say on these topics that will steer the course of AR and VR. Their credibility is stronger than many other industry voices, given not only unique vantage points mentioned above but another key factor: They’re putting money where their mouths are.

Check out the report’s key takeaways below, and subscribe here to get the entire thing. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more excerpts and insights on this topic.

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