inVRsion presents a new Eye-Tracking feature for its VR store simulatorShelfZoneTM

“A new era of consumers behavior study begins, thanks to the combination of both eye-tracking and VR technologies”

inVRsion, the Italian VR start-up which develops virtual reality solutions for business, officially presents a new eye-tracking feature integrated in ShelfZoneTM, its VR shopping experience simulator. ShelfZoneTM Research, the version of the new simulator intended for market/consumer research, includes a new eye-tracking feature capable of analyzing pupil movements in real time projecting them with a unique tool on different elements of the simulated retail space (shelves, signage, pop material, products, even when handling them).

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ShelfZone Eye-Tracking Tech Developed w/ SensoMotoric Instruments

The new eye-tracking feature, developed in partnership with SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) – a German company specialized in Eye-Tracking – allows ShelfZone to trace precisely what the user is looking at, analyzing retail projects in a single search session capable of aggregating countless data sources in short time.


The study of costumer behavior in virtual reality is not only a tool to improve real retail outlets or real products. It could also represent a strategic asset for new type of consumer’s study: the VR-commerce customer of the future. inVRsion is investing a lot in research to create a new e-commerce paradigm: a solution that aims to be the new standard of the future online sales, by combining the rational benefits of electronic commerce with the emotional ones of the VR shopping experience. According to several studies (eg. Forrester, Nomura, Goldman Sachs), the VR will become a mass technology within three years, with over 52 million high-end devices distributed in the US by 2020.


“Virtual reality is the only technology which is able to reproduce those feelings typical of a realistic contest in a digital “measurable” one. The mission of inVRsion is to stress as much as possible on the quality of simulation and on the characteristics of consumers’ behavior in virtual reality, by investing constantly in research” says Matteo Esposito, CEO of inVRsion “Soon, thanks to projects like Google Daydream, hundreds of millions of smartphones will be VR ready and for all of us it will be natural to attend stores, museums and other public spaces through virtual reality”.


ShelfZoneTM Research is one of the three application fields of ShelfZoneTM that together with ShelfZoneTM Trade, designed for show rooming and retail spaces – and ShelfZoneTMCommerce – designed to revolutionize e-commerce in VR – offers an incredible potential to support store’s design activities, space allocation, category management, branding, consumer/market research and VR-commerce.


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inVRsion is a company specialized in VR real-time room-scale simulators. Founded in 2015 by Matteo Esposito, Paolo Pascolo, Flora Caroli and Luca Ferrari Trecate, its mission is to create Virtual Rooms in which business contexts can be simulated with the purpose of showrooming and carrying out market research. The main application areas of inVRsion are the following sectors: retail, automotive and real estate.

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