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inVRsion Introduces ShelfZone

inVRsion, an international technology company specializing in developing ultra-realistic and customized virtual reality (VR) experiences for business to business, presents its newest virtual reality experience, ShelfZone®.

ShelfZone simulates the retail space and the shopping experience and it also analyzes user behavior through accurate analytics with scientific results. ShelfZone enables retail and the CPG industries to design and test stores from small shops to an entire mall in any retail environment. The freedom of movement while in VR allows the users to appreciate spaces, category management solutions, and mall domination projects.

Matteo Esposito, Founder, inVRsion, stated, “Thanks to a patented hardware, inVRsion is able to digitalize 3D product inventories, feeding a deep learning database with many different final applications, from VR to AR, and even to real-life product recognition. Combined with an e-commerce platform and a new generation of AI personal shopper, ShelfZone is the most revolutionary form of v-commerce on the market.”

Martin Broen, Vice President of Design Innovation at PepsiCo, stated,“InVRsion has been a great partner in using VR to speed-up our design and development process for equipment. They have helped us create incredibly realistic simulations to test different, early-stage design solutions with real consumers. As the quality of these VR insights depends completely on the level of immersion for the consumer, the level of detail and accuracy are key factors and the InVRsion team constantly managed to fulfill and exceed our demanding needs. VR is truly an amazing tool which will only become more relevant to designers and to the design innovation process in the future.”

Shelfzone can be used as a natural extension to a planogram editor, overlaying data onto products, shelves, and zones. The technology is able to provide analytics to consumer behavior while in VR offering new systems for consumer and market research.

“InVRsion is one of the most innovative and forward thinking VR research partners that we have ever worked with. Their commitment and dedication to finding solutions for every challenge is a shining example of what any successful VR startup company should strive for. The high quality of their VR experiences creates an element of realism and strong emotional connection with every VR environment,” commented Narith Panh, Vice President at Ipsos Marketing, United States.

Denis Vanbeselaere, Chief Innovations Officer, Auchan Retail International & France, stated, “We really appreciate our partnership with inVRsion. They have a very powerful and simple solution allowing us to imagine new business opportunities with a very high realism level. We plan to build and learn together on different international projects.”

To schedule an appointment to experience this exciting technology during the National Retail Federation show in New York City, January 14-16, 2018, please contact Maria Dolgetta, Partner, Creative Playground at
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