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IpVenture Integrates Text Messaging With AR/VR Eyewear

pVenture has invented and patented technology enabling augmented and virtual reality eyewear users to text while still immersed in their advanced-viewing experiences. Although texting is a prevalent form of communication, current AR/VR eyewear does not fully integrate texting into its designs.

As AR/VR eyewear becomes more mainstream, with future users redefining space, location, time—and reality—natural communication and interaction remain key to widespread public adoption. IpVenture’s technology enables AR/VR eyewear users to continue to text with ease.

Virtual and augmented reality is expected to change the way we play,work, learn, navigate, and, inevitably, the way we text. With IpVenture’s technology, users can see incoming text messages through their AR/VR eyewear right alongside their interactive content.

Or, they can opt to use the integrated text-to-speech technology to listen to incoming messages. Responding to texts is just as seamless: with voice recognition, users can answer texts simply by speaking, so they can transition smoothly between communicating and engaging in their AR/VR worlds.

The integration of AR/VR and texting allows users to communicate hands-free and even eyes-free, so they can keep their attention on the engaging information in front of them. Not only is it convenient, IpVenture’s technology also enhances user safety for those who cannot look away from their current task, even if it is navigating, so that texting wouldn’t be a hazard.

Messaging with IpVenture’s technology is an elegant accommodation for AR/VR eyewear users who text frequently and don’t want to disengage from their work. Whether for collaborating inside the AR/VR environment or for fielding unrelated messages, IpVenture’s technology keeps users connected to people while simultaneously immersed in their entertainment, work, and learning experiences. As the development of AR/VR eyewear tests the limits of our imagination, IpVenture enables us to function uncompromised at our full capacity.

IpVenture, a Silicon Valley company, develops innovation backed by high-quality patents. The company also offer exceptional patent-related consulting services.


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