Sensorium and Mubert partnered to create the world's first AI-driven DJ that can produce music at VR concerts. This is their newest effort to produce artificial beings.

LA-based Sensorium is known for create simulated virtual experiences of musical venues. The company produces virtual avatars and characters that represent real people.

Their latest virtual DJ will automatically produce a constant flow of DJ set music that adapts to any kind of mood and virtual environment. This surely is another attempt to minimize the feeling of loneliness from isolation as a result of the Corona virus with artificial people doing intelligent things for real people without the luxury of attending a real rave concert to see DJ Tieso or Armin Van Burren (bit old school by now I know).

Apparently this is some serious business to certain investors, since Sensorium has raised over 100 million in pursuit of this project, and the company plans to produce a diverse series of realistic virtual artists featuring unique musical preferences.

The genetic algorithm behind these digital characters will drive their behavior and enable them to learn through data from the environment to evolve their musical style.

Meanwhile, Mubert's technology plans to empower virtual DJs with the ability to produce AI generated music on-the-go in real time based on database of music style ranging from hip hop, EDM, to Blackpinks. Mubert will be handling over 60 genres of music.

Since 2017, Mubert has created millions of tunes from various genres to fans. The company's mobile app was ranked "App of the Day" on the app store and won "App of the Year" by  Google Play. Services such as Sleep Cycle, Insight Timer, Crello, and Picsart use Mubert's technology by leveraging their copyright-free music for a range of purposes.

Virtual AI-DJs will host virtual concerts in Sensorium Galaxy, alongside with top DJs such as Armin Van Burrden, Carl Coz, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. The company says that the virtual DJ will complement these real-life talents with a flow of balanced mix of AI-generated art.

Sensorium Galaxy is a multi-player VR social platform with a goal to change how people interact with each other and experience creative arts. The Galaxy is a collaboration between artists, producers, and entertainment companies. Amongst these are creators of  Ushuaïa Ibiza and Hï Ibiza, and entertainment streaming service platform Tidal, co-owned by Daft Punk, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, and others.

Sensorium Galaxy is an evolution of social networking site, and takes users beyond the modern day 2D digital experiences. You can enter the Galaxy via VR headset, or through traditional format such as TVs or mobile devices.

Sensorium was founded by billionaire Mikhair Prokhorv and former owner of the Brooklyn Nets. Muberts features with more than 2000 professional users and 200 musicians for it's real-time generated music.

Sensorium monetizes through customization of virtual avatars. Users can customize their own clothing or features by spending real money, and people can purchase digital tickets to see virtual concert events.

This is the place where people come to hang out and meet new people, without the need to break the rule of "stay at home orders". The audience and virtual DJs become the active ingredients, and no one has to really meet each other in-person. 

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