jane fonda try on VR headset

Jane Fonda Tries On VR Headset & Loved It

This year at Sundance Film Festival, the folks from Upload VR had the pleasure to meet the legendary Hollywood actress Jane Fonda! A 2 time Academy Award winner and a sex symbol of her generation.





Perhaps, for people in their 40’s or younger, may not have seen Jane Fonda in films.


Jane fonda vr experience

Jane Fonda still looking good! Image Source: Bazaar


However, you have probably seen those old school, retro aerobics videos, and more likely than not, with Jane Fonda in it. Remember those colorful spandex and legwarmer?


The Upload VR team asked Jane Fonda to try on Samsung Gear VR headset. So she did, she loved it, and she thought it’s the future! We love her reaction, simply adorable and priceless!


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