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VAQSO Introduces Smallest Scent Distributing Device to Enable More Immersive VR Experiences

Today’s VR games, 360 degree videos and VR adult content are capable of providing compelling VR experiences with visual, sound, and haptic feedbacks, but something is still missing… Imagine how a certain scent can possibly enhance a particular VR experience, and make it more realistic and more immersive. For example, the scent of ocean in a surfing 360 video, the smell of gun powder of a battle field shooting game, the scent of a woman in a VR porn movie, the dusty smell of abandoned house in a horror VR game title… All of such experiences can be improved with the presence of the matching scent!

Japanese VR porn content and tech producers and developers has launched an interesting product to enhance VR sex experience. The Japanese startup VAQSO is here is make it happen! VAQSO has introduced and launched a wireless, portable and compact device that can be conveniently attached to existing VR headsets such as Oculus Rift, Vive, and Samsung Gear VR. Connected via bluetooth, and shoots realistic aromas, or any customized scent to enhance the experience. Check below for its spec:

SIZE: 120mm x 35mm x 15 mm


BATTERY:2hour Lithium ion battery (Can supply power from micro USB)

Cartridge quantity: 5-10 types of scent bullets

Duration of scent: up to 1 month

Launching Date: Approximately the last quarter of 2017

VAQSO VR’s scent device is said to be the smallest VR scent device currently available.

The virtual reality scent device is already making a buzz in Japan, in forums, gamer, VR developers and VR porn enthusiasts were suggesting its somehow predictable, alternative use for virtual adult content alike. Suggesting the company to introduce scene of porn stars and aromas that simulates women’s body. Here are some of the comment excerpts:

“Make scent of my favorite porn actresses and I will purchase immediately!”

“Will you be taking orders for custom scent for any VR experiences?”

“This is exciting! I have always thought the current available VR experiences are not as convincing without realistic scent…”

VAQSO seems to be taking suggestion from its user base, the startup has announced partnership with the popular Japanese virtual adult game title: VR Kanojo.


vr kanojo vaqso

VR Kanojo seems to be a great match with VAQSO VR, rumor has it that, there will be tailored scent for virtual adult experience.


Adult content producers and its consumers have always be among the earliest adopters of a new tech, there is no exception for VR porn, both groups are always looking to produce or enjoy more realistic and immersive experiences. The startup CamasutraVR that claims to be able to provide an interactive and controllable adult VR experience that can rig a porn star’s motion captured avatar. Just imagine how realistic the VR experience would be if combining with the scent device, wireless smart sex, haptic gloves that can feel and touch the avatar! It sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

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