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JUMP Announces Major Extreme Sports Team Partnership and Powerful Advisory Board

The creative force behind the highly successful virtual reality (VR) experience, THE VOID, James Jensen announced his latest foray into VR, an extremely realistic base jump experience called JUMP where he is founder and CEO.

JUMP has already partnered with a major extreme sports team and has several seasoned advisory board members that have joined the company. The new advisors include:

  • John Gaeta, best known for moments and innovations found within The MATRIX Trilogy
  • Jim Schumway, senior project manager at TAIT (world market leader in designing, constructing and delivering the finest live event equipment in the world) and author of Automated Performer Flying: The State of the Art
  • Marshall Miller, extreme sports athlete and BASE jumper, who has made over 10,000 BASE jumps around the world
  • Luke Aikins, a professional skydiver, BASE jumper, pilot and aerial photographer; he is the first person to intentionally dive from a mid-tropospheric altitude and land safely without a parachute or a wingsuit

“These are very strategic decisions for JUMP,” Jensen said. “We are grateful for the incredible knowledge and network our advisory board members bring to the JUMP experience. We look forward to announcing our first location partner next year, which is sure to blow people away.”

The JUMP hyper-reality experience will include a “flight suit” and helmet. The simulator is a mix of a suspension and wind system so that people can experience the extreme thrill of jumping off cliffs and skyscrapers without the danger. The first JUMP location will likely be at a major entertainment facility.

“With JUMP, I hope to guide the virtual reality sector to its true purpose. What we’re playing with is way beyond video games or even entertainment,” Jensen said.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, location-based entertainment will be a $1 billion market by the end of 2020. By the end of 2023, it will grow to be a $12 billion market.

About JUMP

JUMP was founded in November 2018 in Utah by James Jensen, former creator and co-founder of THE VOID in order to push the boundaries of hyper-reality experiences. For more information and to sign up for updates, visit www.limitlessflight.com or #limitlessflight on Instagram.

About James Jensen

Jensen is an entrepreneur committed to working with leading-edge technology and eager to solve problems surrounding how people interact and engage with each other on a day-to-day basis. He is the creator and co-founder of THE VOID, the critically acclaimed immersive entertainment company. For more than two decades, he has worked in illustration, design and interactive media for companies and clients including Sony Entertainment, Disney, FOX, Dreamworks SK, MTV and his own creative CG animation company, Sandman Studios.

Author: VR Reporter

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