just another day in the office at magic leap video

Just Another Day in the Office at Magic Leap

In the 90’s when I am bored, I’d pick a comic book to read or turn on the TV and flip through the channels till my finger gets tired. And now I’d log on to Facebook to check out cute girls and insult my friends, and post my lunch and dinner on Instagram.


Now all this habits are about to change in the near future, or proceed in different ways. Magic Leap is promising us a greater and much more interesting digital and virtual future. The digital technology that we are so addicted to and unable to live without today such as email, social media and cloud services will still exist, but enhanced and upgraded into touchable and highly interactive 3D format.


The mysterious Magic Leap, the small Florida based startup company with Google’s enormous $542 million investment (smart move Google!) hasn’t release any product and shows no move until Thursday, March 19. Magic Leap had released an ambitious, eye-popping surprise Youtube video called “Just another day in the office at Magic Leap” last Thursday, after Magic Leap CEO canceled their session at TED Talk in Vancouver.



Magic Leap on TED Talk Cancellation & Surprise Video

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Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it to TED, but we wanted to share one of the things that we’d planned to share at the talk. This is a game we’re playing around the office right now (no robots were harmed in the making of this video).

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Pretty nice techy-geekery humor! Just love it! And this is what Magic Leap said on their official website, and seems they are putting their visions into reality, or shall I say virtual & augmented reality!


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So what is Magic Leap?

Magic Leap is an idea.


It’s an idea based in the belief that people should not have to choose between technology or safety, technology or privacy, the virtual world or the real world.

This belief was born from two simple observations:


  1. That current technologies we use to access the digital world limit, or even take us away, from the real world.


  1. That the future of computing should be derived from respecting human biology, physiology, creativity, and community. Why can’t computing feel completely natural?

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In the video a guy seems to be sitting in Magic Leap’s office. A 3D virtual icon pops up, and was grabbed by his hand, moved and dropped on the desk


another day in leap motion office video augmented


Another email icon showed up and was opened by hand and scrolled like an old school phone book with fingers.


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The guy seem to be bored and immediately opened up a virtual user-interface that looks like a circular carousal of movable navigation tabs, he selected a tab and initiates a game called Dr. Grorbrt presents Victory and started to battle with robots with his hand-picked ray gun that shoots lasers! Robots came from all directions and a tank crashed through the wall and fired, that’s the end as the screen turns into white noises.





How exciting! We thought Magic Leap really lives true to their vision statement, and created some mysterious and yet unknown product that seamlessly mixes and blends work, social, entertainment and game all into one sleek, virtual user-interface. Magic Leap has envisioned a new lifestyle for the future.


Although, we have not seen further evidence of when will the Magic Leap’s product be ready for consumer market? In what form? Is the video shot with actual prototype or just a graphical and extended imagination of their ideas and vision? The video reminds me of the video from Infinity AR and Microsoft’s Hololens demo, all three involves virtual reality graphic, but Magic Leap’s surprise demo video tops it all!


With famed game designer Graeme Devine joining Magic Leap, we can bet Magic Leap will introduce some killer games in the near future, so forget about playing 2D games on current game console or computer, with Magic Leap’s imagination, product and technology, you can turn your office or home into a immersive, virtual battle field or playground!



Author: VR Reporter

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