Just Relax – A Virtual Reality Beach Experience

London Independent VR start up Mostly Human Studios has released Just Relax, a VR relaxation and meditation app for the Gear VR that places the user on a beautiful beach paradise.
The app allows the user to sit and relax by the ocean on a tropical paradise island complete with gentle waves lapping against the shore, a sparkling ocean horizon and other environmental effects. A simple one touch control scheme allows the user to change between different times of the day.

“We wanted to create the best looking and most realistic environments we could on mobile but decided not to go with a real time solution as the limitations on polycounts, texture memory and screen effects often lead to the experience looking very “gamey”. But we didn’t want to use video either, as this has issues such as not being stereo, compression artefact’s, large download sizes and looping. Instead we opted for a hybrid of pre-rendered 3d scenes, and to keep the environment alive we used real time particles so we get the best of both worlds”, said Paul Davis, Principal developer at Mostly Human.

Just Relax has three times of day. Sunny afternoon, golden sunset and moon lit beach surrounded by candles. The experience features 3d positional audio to fully immerse you into the world so you can hear the waves where they actually in relation to you, and hear the distant birdsong behind you. To not pull you out of the experience there is no menu system, as the app uses a simple non intrusive one touch control scheme to allow the user to transition between times of day all by using a single touch of the Gear VR’s headset.


Mostly Human is also working on updates to make the experience even more immersive, and is working on updates and new environments for release later this year.


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To find out more and to see screenshots and videos, visit https://www.mostlyhumanstudios.com/


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About Mostly Human Studios:
We are an indie startup in love with pushing the boundaries of VR graphics and making the most immersive VR experiences for people to enjoy. Learn more at:
Twitter: @MostlyHumanVR

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