Kiiroo Keon Review: Best Masturbator for VR Porn

Back in 2017 Kiiroo partnered with Flashlight to release the Flashlight Launch, however the product is no longer available on the Kiiroo website. The Kiiroo Keon is the successor to the Flashlight Launch released on October 9th 2020, which was done 100% in-house by the masturbator company. This is their first fully in-house automatic male masturbator.  

The Keon is a lot smaller in size compared to the Fleshlight Launch, lightly compact design. When you open up the back, the insertion of the actual masturbator into the device is now easier than before, you actually insert it from the bottom as opposed to the top. It's a lot easier to get the toy in now than it was with the top down configuration from the Fleshlight Launch.   

Unlike the other fleshlight sleeves which are made from super skin, the skin material from the flashlight sleeve portion is now made of a different mixture of PPE and silicon, which they call “Real Feel”.  

When it comes to the actual sleeve texture, it's important to open up the back and what you'll notice that there's actually lots of individual nodules. These nodules are actually pretty big as well now.  The reason is because it means that there's the most amount of surface area jutting out that can be actually touched and felt by your penis. 

There's a lot of sleeve designs that are great for just stroking all by yourself but when you actually use them with an automatic male masturbator, sometimes the sleeve design isn't conducive to actually deliver the sensations that it's trying to deliver. 

That's why with this sleeve, they actually designed a texture that's quite similar to the fleshlight stamina training unit, which is in our opinion, the best one to use with an automatic male masturbator. In our opinion, it's the most pleasurable male masturbator that currently available on the market. 

Another good thing about the Keon is that  the entirety of the toy is built to work with the Keon. They actually have a much better fitting mechanism for keeping it in place. The discreet look of the design, when being asked by visitors to your room, you can probably get away by saying it’s a coffee grinder. 

Product Rating Summary

The Kiiroo Keon is a huge improvement from the previous generation male masturbators such as the Fleshlight Launch. Definitely one of the most powerful male masturbators on the market. 

Overall Rating: 
4/5 stars




An issue people had before with the Flashlight Launch was that the toys themselves were not all that secure when they were in use. 

 Now you'll know you got it in perfectly, because there will be little movement when you try and wiggle it around, it just won't move. 

This is a huge improvement from the previous male masturbators, because it used to be a real pain to try to keep the toy securely inside.  

To turn on the device, you just press hold the button on the back briefly until it lights up.The blue lights signifies that it is in bluetooth mode.

Flashing blue that means it's looking to be paired with a phone so it can work with interactive content. 

There's another button on the back just above the power button, holding it will switch into the manual mode.  

There's a couple things about the design also worth mentioning.  

First, there are little grooves for your fingers on the side when you try to grab one, and your thumb goes over the little ridge on the side. This is great ergonomics for optimal pleasure. 

The buttons are designed right where your thumbs would naturally land, and you will always have a nice grip regardless much lubrication is on the surface of the device. 

The settings are also very intuitive and user-friendly to follow. There are seven different speeds and each one is represented by one of two colors, as you go through the settings, each button press will change the light to display which level of setting is currently being used. 

This is a good improvement, because many other toys, you pretty much just increase the level all the way up to the top or to the bottom. There really isn’t room for customization. 

There are four stroke length settings, with the max stroke being of about 6 inches. It can end up moving extremely fast even at the max setting. 

The device is very stable at high speed and isn’t going to shake easily out of your hand at high speed with all that power force. 

Difference between Kiiroo Keon and Kiiroo Onyx

The movement of the Kiiroo Keon goes up to 230 strokes per minute, while the Kiiroo kira onyx 2 goes up to 140 strokes per minute. The Fleshlight Launch went up to 180 strokes per minute. 

This make the Kiiroo Keon is the most powerful automatic male masturbator currently available on the market.  The battery life is also twice as much as any other male masturbator. The Kiiroo Keon will last around 2 hours per charge, as oppose to one hour. 

After going through several generations of change, Kiiroo seems to have figured out how to design the perfect male masturbator. 

We were completely blown away when we first linked it with our favorite VR porn movies. 

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