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Kittypocalypse By Bolvërk Games To Be Released W/ Oculus Rift, HTC Vive And PSVR


Kittypocalypse is an explosive tower defense title coming to VR platforms this year. Evil alien beings have successfully taken over your planet by dressing up as cute kittens – and they’ve taken over all that you know and love. Recovery vessels have been sent to salvage what’s left… but the evil alien kitties are in pursuit!



Battle across more than 20 island landscapes, taking you on an epic journey from arid deserts, through lush forests, to snow-covered mountain peaks. Plan your approach, employing quick-fire defensive tactics to protect the vital communication systems the kitties are plotting to take down. Kittypocalypse will be an Oculus Rift title on launch this Spring, and will ship for PlayStation VR and HTC Vive later in the year.


“Kittypocalypse is a deep, rewarding strategic defense game,” said creative director Bo Bennekov, of Danish studio Bolvërk Games. “It’s easy to learn, but will be devilishly hard to master. With Kittypocalypse you can soar high above the action, or immerse yourself eye to eye with the hordes of marauding kittens, seeing your weapons work and missiles flinging the kittens above your head.”




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Kittypocalypse VR Main Features

Unique control system, designed exclusively for VR
Deep strategic gameplay, guaranteeing hours of fun
Precise difficulty progression which eases in new players but culminates in the ultimate challenge
More than 20 islands to defend
Carefully optimised approach to eliminating VR-associated motion sickness
Absolutely loads of evil alien kitties!


kittypocalypse vr

The Key Details

Game: Kittypocalypse

Developer: Bolvërk Games

Publisher: Bolvërk Games

Format(s): Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR

Release Date: Spring 2016 (Rift), TBC (other platforms)



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About Bolvërk Games Team

Bolverk Games is a games studio based in Denmark, who place a focus on deep, engaging and – above all – entertaining VR games. Kittypocalypse is the nine-person studio’s first major release.



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