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LAB4242 Launching Virtual Reality Painting App PaintLab VR

Dutch Startup LAB4242 launches a Virtual Reality Sculpt and painting app called PaintLab! On the 29th of April during at the national Dutch Radio channel Business News Radio (BNR). Dutch host and celebrity Patrick Lodiers will try the app live at 07:20 and 08:50 GMT +1. At 08:00 GMT +1 PaintLab will be available for free to all Vive users in the Steam store.


On YouTube there’s already a few video’s of PaintLab available. Check out the official PaintLab VR demo blow. After making those video’s LAB4242 team has added some other features. While ‘PaintLabbing’ users can make selfies, photos of their 3D designs, spray graffiti on the iconic Volkswagen van, draw 3D objects, pick them up and switch between day and night mode.



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Here’s an overview of what you can do in PaintLab by LAB4242

  • Sculpt your own sculptures and 3D objects, being completely free to move anywhere you like
  • Enlarge your creations to be so high they ‘scrape’ the clouds! Or ‘minify’ your PaintLab to be as tiny as a ladybug!
  • Use different PaintLab sculpt types. Just select another brush and sculpt type in the menu on your right or left controller and create whatever you like, such as camouflaged dinosaurs, flying bees, rainbows, a castle, Superman or a lion!
  • Pick up your 3D creations, put it somewhere else, throw it away or play around with it!
  • Make a selfie with your PaintLabs!
  • Record and stream video’s while PaintLabbing!
  • Photograph your work from every angle thanks to the build in camera and share your work with the world!
  • Immerse yourself in creative VReedom!


The future PaintLab: Gijs Molsbergen, co-founder and marketing manager of LAB4242


“We’ve got big plans with PaintLab. It gives users the possibility to experience the power of Virtual Reality. We’ve got feedback from early access users that will make PaintLab more beautiful for businesses and a useful tool to performance artsits from all over the world.

Soon to be released updates will offer a Multiplayer option, together with an export/import option for 3D Objects and file formats. In this way PaintLab becomes a powerful tool for architects and product designers for example, but you could also 3D-print your PaintLabs, or use PaintLab during performances and keynotes.


So there’s much more to come. As a Virtual Reality Development startup and enthusiasts, we want to offer people a VR experience that embraces and stimulates creativie freedom.
Thanks to VR technology we’ve now made an app that matters to children, businesses, VR enthusiasts and many more people from all over the world.”



GearVR compatible

PaintLab will also be compatible for the GearVR, with which users can PaintLab using Bluetooth controllers for smartphones. The release of the full version of PaintLab for the GearVR is not yet announced, but people can download the Alpha version of PaintLab for the GearVR free on Feedback is much appreciated and can be send to


About LAB4242

LAB4242 develops Virtual Reality environments that matter to businesses and the world. LAB4242 currently develops applications for brands within the Real Estate, Retail and Entertainment industry. The focus of LAB4242 is to develop VR environments and applications that help businesses save time, costs and the environment.

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