Could VR transform Learning a New Language?

The application for virtual reality goes far beyond gaming and entertainment, with VR education and learning being a disruptive application has transformed in numerous aspects from kid, to medical student, to military training.

Regardless what your native tongue is, learning a new language has always been a huge challenge for most people, especially if you don't live in the foreign country. Recent years, language learning programs such as Rosetta Stone have enhanced the learning process. On August 26th 2021, Mondly VR brings language learning experience in VR to the Oculus Quest, while previously only available on the Oculus Go, SteamVR, and Gear VR.

There's nothing better to learn a new language through learning rather than learning from text book.

Mondly VR explores interesting concept of learning in VR, that, instead of the traditional way of learning a new language, Mondly VR puts you in real-life scenes to let you practice talking to people in your selected language.

You may find yourself in situations where you have to pay for your cab ride, asking the driver how much to pay for, and ordering food at a restaurant.

The app utilizes the built-in microphone on the Oculus Quest, and enables users to speak directly into the app and have your speech rated for improvements.

The Mondly VR app currently supports 29 lanugages, which includes English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Korean and more.

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