Leopoly Launched 3D Co-creation VR Experiences for Individuals and Businesses – Collaborative Creation and Social VR Emerging

“Imagine instantly meeting your friends or clients from all around the world to create a fun, ideal environment or object in one shared virtual space! As a first step, Leopoly is launching its already popular browser based digital design tools in VR, enabling everybody to create amazing 3D virtual objects.”

“Virtual Reality enables us to view, feel and experience places, items and products as if they were real. Where else could product customization add more value than in VR? There is no extra cost, only creativity sets the limit!” – explained Roland Manyai CEO on why Leopoly entered virtual reality, after partnering with dozens of companies in retail and 3D printing industry – among them some Fortune 100 enterprises such as HP, Lowe’s and Bosch.




The 3D software company, specializing in providing product customization business solutions, launched its new application on VRX 2016 San Francisco 7 December. Besides the consumer focused ShapeLab, Leopoly is showcasing its customized VR solutions for retail companies in toy, gift, interior design industries and beyond: anywhere that creating a VR space or an object is functional and fun!


ShapeLab App by Leopoly

ShapeLab has been Greenlit and will be available for every HTC users still this year for holiday season. ( )

For an early trial, please email us at

Shapelab empowers everyday people to easily create objects and become creators or artists in just minutes, after stepping in the VR lab. The users can release their creativity and make their own 3D models through digital sculpting and painting. New design tools and co-creation experience with multiple users will come next. All 3D models created in VR are optimized for 3D printing!

Business solutions in VR by Leopoly

Leopoly introduces all its popular 3D editing tools in the VR environment and offers these as white label solutions to businesses. The most exciting solutions by Leopoly includes a (1) new digital VR experience for shopping that enables product viewing and editing in the VR space, (2) customizing characters for fun and for games, (3) easily view and assemble parts in many industries. VR enables the clients’ global customers from all over the world to step into their virtual digital environment. If you have your own idea or specific goal in VR, contact Leopoly for custom VR development services for companies.

Stay tuned, more is coming! Meet us at VRX 2016!

Contact: Daniel Andrassy Product & Marketing

Author: VR Reporter

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