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LG Hops On The VR Bandwagon

Just this week Samsung launched in-store demo of the Gear VR headset at Best Buy nationwide stores, LG today announced a free VR for G3 giveaway for customers who purchase new LG G3 smartphones.



LG’s VR for G3 works with Google Cardboard and enables G3 owners to experience a variety of VR-compatible apps and games that they can download on the Google Play store. G3’s cutting-edge Quad HD display provides users with much sharper image quality for a smoother, more realistic VR experience. VR for G3 can be combined with a Bluetooth headsets such as LG Tone Infinim™ for wireless connection.


lg_g3_vr_3_0 hmd


VR for G3 design was based on the Google Cardboard blueprint, with neodymium ring magnet on the side that works with the gyroscope sensor inside the G3, allowing user to select applications and scroll through menus without touching the actual phone display. VR for G3 requires no assembly other than inserting the phone in the viewer. But LG’s VR for G3 uses plastic frame rather than cardboard material.


lg g3 vr hmd


LG G3 buyers can also download a free VR game, Robobliteration, using the in-box QR code. LG is also including an in-box QR code to download a free VR game, Robobliteration, for those who purchases a LG G3 phone.


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