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Lifeliqe Integrates With Unity Technologies to Transform School Libraries Into VR Maker Spaces

Lifeliqe (pronounced “life-like”), a visual learning platform incorporating virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and interactive 3D, announced today a strategic partnership for K-12 education that will give students the opportunity to publish work made with Unity onto the Lifeliqe platform. Unity is the world’s most popular creation engine, powering more than 50% of all new mobile games and 60% of all AR and VR content. Interactive content made with Unity reaches nearly 3 billion devices worldwide.

Creating with Unity® is getting increasingly popular in K-12 schools in the US as a part of computer science lessons in which students learn how to create interactive 3D content. As a result of this effort, students will soon be able to publish their work into the Lifeliqe platform (see video) in browsers, VR, AR and/or MR. Lifeliqe will also provide curricula for students and professional development resources for teachers to help them learn how to work with Unity® in their classes.

In cooperation with teachers and school librarians, Lifeliqe has recognized the growing trend of the use of VR in US school libraries that are transforming their traditional mission of storing knowledge into providing spaces that foster creativity and making. The company wants to identify strategic partners like Unity to further transforming libraries into “VR Maker Spaces” and thus allowing students to create VR using Unity® software and publish it on Lifeliqe platform.

“I believe that the possibility for students to publish in VR and other platforms thanks to Unity will not only allow students to learn how to build 3D, but also bring students‘ interest about knowledge back to libraries,” said Sara Jones, Board member of Califa, a nonprofit library membership consortium representing 220 libraries in California.

“We are opening three new chapters at once. Interactive 3D content is coming to prime time in K-12 and will soon become mainstream. Lifeliqe will soon launch these platform features and we are starting fundraising to support our transformation,” said Ondrej Homola, Lifeliqe CEO.

“At Unity Education, our vision is to enable everyone to become a creator by giving them access to deeply engaging learning experiences,” said Jessica Lindl, global head of education at Unity. “Lifeliqe integration with Unity allows great access and engagement in learning to create VR experiences for all learners.”

About Lifeliqe:

Lifeliqe is a visual publishing platform presenting world’s first digital K-12 science curriculum enhanced with interactive 3D models and aligned to Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core. Students and teachers can access more than 1,100 premium, ready-to-use 3D & augmented reality models and lesson plans for learning, creating and sharing their own content. Lifeliqe is also available in virtual reality as HTC Vive’s strategic partner for educational VR content and in mixed reality with Lifeliqe HoloLens app.


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