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Lifeliqe Launches its First Virtual Reality Experience as the HTC Vive Strategic Partner for Education

Lifeliqe, a visual learning platform incorporating virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and interactive 3D content, and the HTC Vive Strategic Partner for Education, is today launching its first VR experience named Lifeliqe VR Museum. The free version will be available exclusively on Viveport, HTC Vive’s content platform, with the premium version coming soon. HTC Vive is the third platform Lifeliqe is launching on after iOS and Windows 10.


“VR experience offers a completely different level of immersion and engagement and that is why it’s perfect for use in education,” said Ondrej Homola, co-founder and CEO of Lifeliqe. “At the same time, teachers are now able to forge a connection with students, as they can use content that’s corresponding with what students are used to. And we’re all about creating that connection, since it leads to sparking lightbulb moments and lifelong learning passion.”



Answering the demand for quality VR content other than gaming, Lifeliqe VR Museum is built on more than 1,000 interactive 3D models that are already available in a mobile version of Lifeliqe. The users become engaged in two ways: the VR experience takes them into a virtual world where they can roam freely among dinosaurs or visit an ancient home. The explore function enables users to study interactive 3D models from K-12 sciences in a virtual lab while learning about different parts in great detail.



In the free version of Lifeliqe VR Museum users can enjoy two VR experiences and explore twelve interactive models. Later on the premium version will offer more than twenty VR experiences and more than 1,000 interactive 3D models, guaranteed by professors from the world’s most renowned universities such as Stanford University.


About Lifeliqe:

Lifeliqe is a platform company for the creation, sharing and deployment of interactive 3D objects into mobile, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 3D printable media. The platform has more than 1,000 interactive 3D models in breathtaking quality and detail to provide individuals with a fun, engaging way to learn. Used by teachers in more than 100 countries, Lifeliqe is available on the Apple App Store, the Windows Store and now Viveport.


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