Liminal VR Launches Platform

Liminal VR Launches Platform to Change How People Feel and Function

Liminal VR is officially launching a platform of short virtual reality experiences to empower people to consciously choose how they feel and perform.

Initially, the platform will consist of 14 experiences (7 calm, 7 energy) with additional experiences to be added over time.

While some of the experiences have been created by Liminal, the majority have been developed by a diverse and talented creative community of virtual reality developers around the world who have signed up to Liminal’s partnership program. Many of these partners are virtual reality studios and students of Liminal’s education partners who are studying game development.

“We have been truly humbled by the community which has been built around the Liminal platform and the quality of experiences we’ve been receiving from our partners around the globe. Many people think that to build an experience to induce and augment emotional and cognitive states you need a team of PhDs or other highly trained experts. The reality is, when armed with only a few basic principles and practical do’s and don’ts, even a relatively inexperienced team can create a VR experience which can very quickly shift one’s emotional state,” says Liminal VR CEO Damian Moratti.

To support the development of these experiences, Liminal shares over 4 years of research with its partners. This research has been conducted by its team of neuroscientists and psychologists and is focused on how to design virtual reality experiences to directly induce emotional and cognitive states in people.

These design techniques are informed by scientific research and other approaches commonly used in the entertainment industry, be it film, music or video games.

Liminal’s approach of sharing its research to crowdsource the development of experiences guarantees that users of the Liminal platform will have an ever-expanding library of novel experiences to try.

Another key element of the Liminal platform is how the effectiveness of each experience is validated through psychometrics.

Before and after using each experience, users are asked to select how they are feeling from one of nine choices (neutral, calm, relaxed, sad, bored, cheerful, excited, irritated or anxious) and to rate the extent to which they are feeling that way on a 1 to 5 scale. The difference between the before and after mood “scores” and an overall enjoyability rating will eventually be used to rank the experiences in order of effectiveness and enjoyability.

As Nick Busietta, Liminal VR’s Managing Director puts it:

“We want to offer something different from traditional meditation and wellness apps. Our mission is to reliably change people’s emotional and cognitive states on demand. This requires measuring the effects of each experience so that we can learn as we go and demonstrate to people that the experiences work.”

The Liminal platform is initially launching for free on Oculus Go and Gear VR on December 13 with Daydream, Vive Focus and Oculus Quest releases being rolled out in early 2019.

It will soon be getting a major overhaul, with many more experiences and premium features to be made available when Liminal introduces a freemium subscription model. There are also new categories in the works with Awe and Pain Relief categories scheduled for release in mid-2019.

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