Lucid Trips Early Access Available on January 12, 2017

Lucid Trip will have Early Access on the 1/12/2017 (12th of January) on steam. Lucid Trips is NOT a ROOMSCALE experience. You move around the virtual world with an experimental locomotion method using arm movement.


The team has not yet optimised and implemented the sdk for oculus & touch – so you can run lucid trips over steam vr with rift and touch in an experimental state for the moment. The team is planning on releasing on oculus store later this year and in the future for playstation vr.
For the early access release, Lucid Trip is featuring the German graffiti artist Daim on our first planet. The pricing on steam is 7,99$. The team is planning on DLCs with additional planets in the future which will be around 3,99$ but could even be free depending on content.


In Lucid Trips you slip into an abstract consciousness to explore dreamlike surroundings with only your two ghostlike arms.
The look & feel of Lucid Trips is a mixture between a meditative alice in wonderland and supermario galaxy.


Inspired by Lucid Dreaming and especially Fly Dreams we aim to set the player in the state where he feels most immersed in a surreal dreamworld but is able to do everything he wants to. Lucid Dreams are dreams in which you are aware that you’re actually dreaming. The dream to fly is deeply rooted in the history of mankind. Being Weightless and able to see perspectives like a bird. Lucid Trips immerses you to intuitively experience a whole other consciousness. As soon as you figured out how your new body reacts to the surrounding you have a very intimate and meditative experience being an undefined being in a surreal realm.


Lucid Trips makes you go on a journey through a magical wonderland. The completely interactive environment, in which you can move around with our unique locomotion method, invites to get lost and explore. Doing sharp moves and hitting the safe shore in the last moment with your fingertips makes your heart beat faster and lets you experience unknown freedom.


Other players can stoke your curiosity with leaving traces, wherever they went, all around the planet, while they’re creating challenges for other players. You can go on a Journey to follow those traces, another visitor left for you, while he hid pulsating crystals in most remote places.


As part of our experience you get to explore one art piece from a selected artist working with three dimensions on each new planet.


1.) Lucid Trips is based on an experimental locomotion concept which can cause discomfort for some people. There is a comfort level which you can turn up and down by clicking right and left on the touchpad. 7 is maximum comfort with max particles in your view and vignette reaction. If you use Rift please steer to either site and press the thumb button to change the comfort level.

2.) Since this is a ‘sitting experience’ Steam VR will fade out the Chaperone automatically after some seconds.Please be aware of this when playing standing.


When creating challenges for other players this mode still has some bugs. Hiding gems sometimes won’t work properly. (f.e. No gems in Inventory, no “place here” area projected). If you haven’t recentered yourself with pressing and holding the menu button the game menu sometimes shows up with a wrong orientation to you. Please always recenter first. Slightly decreased performance when using Oculus Rift & Touch via Steam compared to HTC Vive.


Some physic bugs/anomalies. Occasionally crashes in SteamVR menu if Vive camera is activated. The Chaperone disappears when using Vive with a sitting or standing experience. It will show a warning everytime you recenter so you remember and make sure you avoid hurting yourself or your hardware. (This is not a bug)


Mini Specs
GPU: GTX 970
CPU: i5 4690 @ 3,5 Ghz


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