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LucidCam Gives You 3D & 180° Field View

In the current virtual reality industry, when it comes to virtual videos technology and trend, the buzz is surrounding 360 degree videos. A new California based startup LucidCam introduces a different vision and idea!


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LucidCam is the world’s first consumer VR camera for cinematic virtual reality. LucidCam differs from 360 degree consumer camera on the market by offering a 180 degree 3D active and natural field view.


LucidCam is a dual-lens, compact, portable and pocked sized video camera, with a modern, slim and sleek appearance! LucidCam adopts binocular vision and stereoscopy technology to create a realistic field view.


LucidCam Offers Full Function At Affordable Price

According to online sources, the price is going to be affordable and inexpensive, we can’t say for sure because we haven’t heard LucidCam’s official statement.


lucidcam vision statement

LucidCam’s vision statement said “not limited by our bank account” Could we safely assume the price is going to be pretty?!

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The concept behind the design and differentiation is simple. The idea is to capture and re-create the field view of the recorder, realistically and emotionally.


Re-live Other’s Experiences Via 180 Degree Virtual Field View

As LucidCam co-founder and CEO Han Jin told Gigaom, “You are re-experiencing something through the eyes of someone else,” Jin said. “It’s like time traveling.”


180 degree field view video consumer cam

According to Jin, as oppose to a fully immersive 360 degree field view that captured the entire surrounding, LucidCam captures 180 degree, which offers another alternative as users can easily record a vision that is closer to human’s natural and active field view and vision.


Perhaps, in some occasions, such as a wedding or a live dance performance, a 180 degree natural field view recording is all users need and wish to capture!


LucidCam Captures Intimate & Emotional Moments

The strongest attraction of LucidCam seems to be its portable size and user-friendly feature, as it makes it easy for users to capture any memorable, exciting, emotional, and intimate moments at ease!

LucidCam seem to serve a different function and targets a different consumer demographic than a 360 degree consumer camera.

However, since both type of cameras cater to different occasions, as a ready-to-buy consumer myself, maybe I will just purchase both 180° and 360° camera to cater and suit different occasions and events!

Source: Gigaom, LucidCam

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