ar game Announces New AR game – Say Hello AR World with AR Tribe Team

Independent VR development studio for the first time presents a new game AR Tribe based on Apple ARKit technology .

AR Tribe is a godsim quest where a player assumes the role of a patron who guides virtual tribe to meet the real world. At the most intense moments, the tribe turns to the player for the wise advice about how to live in this world. A player gives them advice choosing from several options. So, finally, a player guides them for prosperity or to all kind of crazy stuff. And ARKit technology allows you to settle with tribe your desk, couch, the floor or even the wild.

“We want to make your first app, which will help you to get acquainted with ARKit technology and have a lot of fun,” commented Oleg Chumakov, CEO of “But if you look deeper, this game is about how to adapt to a rapidly changing environment, and how to help others to adapt. Even if you are not a patron with your tribe”.

About technologies

  • Unreal Engine 4 game engine;
  • Apple ARKit for all that markerless AR magic.
  • Minimum requirements for devices: iPhone 6s, iPad Pro

About was initially started as a Research and Development group at Nival. Nival’s track record includes best-selling PC strategy games like Blitzkrieg, Heroes of Might and Magic V, Silent Storm and Etherlords.

First experiments in VR started in 2013 with the very first development kit from Oculus. Free games InMind and InCell were published in 2015 for all VR platforms including Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Gear VR. The games reached over 3 million installs.

The company is working on a new ways of mixing science and gaming as well as experimenting with VR and AR devices. More at

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