Lufthansa Takes You on a Virtual Holiday

Lufthansa, a German airline is using virtual reality to create a virtual holiday experience at this year’s ITB Travel Trade Show in Berlin.


lufthansa airline immersive vr experience

3spin vr digital content agency

The virtual travel experience is created with the help from 3Spin, a virtual reality and digital content producing agency that worked with LEGO and Mercedes Benz.


According to VRscout’s report, the virtual travel and flight experience starts from inside of the Boeing 747 flight. Participants would sit inside a rounded ball chair, wearing a custom-painted Oculus Rift DK2 headset, and holding a Sony Playstation motion controller to interact with the virtual experience.


As you can see in the video, the virtual travel experience finished with participants relaxing at a beautiful beach with virtual post card in their hands, and will be given a physical post card when they return to the real-world!


itb berlin lufthansa airline virtual raelity  demo

Image Source: VRscout


Lufthansa’s virtual holiday demo is showing off their on-board services in a fully immersed virtual environment, a great way to stand out for branding purpose!


Content & Image Source: 3Spin Youtube Channel and VRScout

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