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Lumus – InfinityAR Integration Joins Quality Optics with Advanced AR Software Engine

“Leading Israeli AR Firms Announce Combined Solution Selected by Major ODM Customers”

Two of today’s key forces in augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) development are combining their complementary technologies as Lumus, a leading developer of optical display technology, officially introduced an integrated product with InfinityAR, provider of AR engines that deliver real-time physical world representation and tracking. The two companies also announced that Quanta Computers and Jorjin Technologies, two major original design manufacturers (ODMs), have each selected the joint solution as a principal component of their AR development platforms for smart eyeglasses for Tier 1 companies.


The DK-50 dev kit, a stand-alone augmented reality display development kit introduced earlier this year, brings together advanced technology from both companies to provide a truly immersive AR experience that is unequalled in the market today. Wearable eyeglass displays built by original equipment manufacturers (OEM)s and ODMs using the DK-50 as a reference design can now be compact, comfortable, and stylish—a first in the AR world.


Working in tandem, the B2B technology solutions from Lumus and InfinityAR seamlessly blend digital content into the physical world. The enabling optical technology from Lumus consists of the patented Light-Guide Optical Element (LOE), a reflective waveguide, and the Micro Display Pod, a miniature projector, which create the virtual image of a transparent, full-color projection over the wearer’s surroundings. InfinityAR’s engine projects a 3D holographic image onto the Lumus lens, in relation to the physical world, by mapping the real-world environment and continuously tracking the viewer’s perspective changes.


“We’re very pleased to see this strategic integration come to fruition,” Lumus CEO Ben Weinberger says. “The Lumus–InfinityAR integration offers OEMs and AR eyewear manufacturers a new standard in optics and SLAM [simultaneous localization and mapping] tracking that will greatly accelerate their production of end systems. InfinityAR clearly leads the industry with its low-latency, marker-less tracking, which is essential to an authentic augmented reality experience. Together we can offer customers an augmented or mixed reality solution that surpasses anything else on the market right now.”


InfinityAR CEO Motti Kushnir says the partnership will allow smart eyeglass makers to offer a high-quality, real-life user experience. “Lumus has developed the best optical engine in the world, and we’ve designed an AR engine that provides developers with an intuitive way to develop AR applications. Our technology determines the exact viewpoint of the device with real-time accurate tracking, while simultaneously mapping the physical world.”


Both Jorjin Technologies and Quanta Computers will incorporate the Lumus display and InfinityAR engine into their respective development platforms for smart glasses. “Jorjin Technologies is excited to offer Lumus–InfinityAR technology to all of our enterprise and government customers in the power utility, medical and industrial sectors of Asian markets,” says Tom Liang, Chairman of Jorjin Technologies, a leading global supplier of wireless system-in-package (SiP) modules and application processor system-on-modules (SoM) for wearable applications. “The appetite in Asian markets such as China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan is enormous, and Jorjin intends to make a significant footprint in this explosive market.”


Quanta President and Vice Chairman C.C. Leung says, “Based on our careful inspection of the underlying technology of Lumus’ optical engines and the power of InfinityAR’s engine, Quanta has decided to proactively enter the smart glasses market by embarking on this project.” Quanta is the largest supplier of notebook computers in the world along with network systems, home entertainment, mobile communication, automotive electronics, and digital home markets.


The DK-50 dev kit is equipped with twin stereo cameras and an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), which allows application developers to create essentially any augmented reality application with real-time mapping of the environment and tracking. The glasses project an overlay directly on the wearer’s main line of sight, while also providing complete freedom of movement in all directions, along with the widest fully-transparent field of view available (40 degrees), high-resolution (720p) binocular display, and onboard Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor running the Android mobile operating system.


About Lumus

Lumus ( products enable the fusion of the digital and physical world, allowing businesses and individuals to maximize the potential of augmented reality and smart eyewear today. Lumus has developed ground-breaking technology for see-through wearable displays via its patented Light-guide Optical Element (LOE) platform. Lumus technology makes possible the only sleek, natural-looking form factor, wide field of view, and true see-through performance available today. The augmented reality technology developed by Lumus is in fact already used by leading consumer electronics and smart-eyewear manufacturers. Health care, the military, aviation, and logistics are among the industries that rely on Lumus alone for the optical technology underlying their pioneering AR applications.


About InfinityAR

InfinityAR’s vision is about creating a new digital environment that will allow people to naturally interact with augmented content in their physical surroundings. InfinityAR’s augmented reality development engine enables accurate 3D digital scene representation of one’s current physical environment, using basic, affordable hardware. It’s designed to turn any device into a powerful content augmentation platform, so developers can quickly and easily introduce applications with rich AR experiences to market. For more information please visit:

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