Magnetique Ep. 01: The World’s First VR Comic Experience Available on Oculus Store

Dive into the epic saga of Magnetique: the very first VR Comic in the world! Follow Nero’s adventure in a full immersive sequence of 360° pages. Chapter 1 of Magnetique is now available on Oculus Store. Check this page. Follow Magnetique VR’s Facebook fanpage for updates.

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Magnetique VR Creator Interview

Why did you decided to make Magnetique a VR comic instead of a normal one? What does VR add to the medium?

The choice to create a VR Comic was born as a challenge. The idea was to expand and give a new perspective to a narrative medium we love like crazy.

We asked ourselves: “Would people like to read inside their headset, perhaps between a game and the other, a story?”
The feedback of the users, gathered during some local showcase especially the Lucca Comics Festival), was fantastic.
VR adds never seen before immersion to the classic comic.

We’re inside the panel freezing the time, free to explore a 360?environment carefully crafted for a story to be told.
We’re very pleased with the redult and will continue to make comics this way.

What software and processes did you use to create the 360 panels? Was it a challenge to draw?

Our artist Emilio Pilliu (, illustrated with the classic instrument for digital artists, Photoshop, in conjunction with some other in-house tools we developed which helped him imagine and visualize the correct perspective and proportions.

The result was a entirely 2D artwork wich tricked the eye of the viewer into a panoramic image, with stereoscopic layers carefully tweaked in Unity.

Is this a standalone story? Do you think there’s any potential in a monthly comic book series for VR?

This is the first chapter for this story which will continue in VR. We’re also gathering other artist to create other stories, and perhaps develop a platform that will host them all.

Also is there going to be any way to view the issue without a VR headset?


Not at the moment, we prefer VR to have it’s own rightfully claimed exclusives idea.

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