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Maitland Ward Baxter – the #CosplayQueen Herself – is now a VR Porn Star!

Ladies and gentlemen, believe it or not, but Maitland Ward Baxter has just become a professional VR porn star – and she did that on behalf of premium VR porn videos’ makers, VR Bangers, known for introducing the 6K ultra high definition to their virtual reality porn scenes as the very first in the VR adult scenes’ industry.

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The girl known worldwide as “#CosplayQueen” has just starred in the VR porn film with the exact same name – and you can now wear your VR headset to feel like being in the same room with this living legend of an actress right after heading to!

If you have never heard her name before, please let us tell you a little something about this performer. Maitland Ward Baxter is an American model, cosplay star and former television actress. She is known for playing Rachel McGuire on the ABC original series Boy Meets World and Jessica Forrester on the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful – and even though she has been playing in some adult movies in the past, becoming a professional VR porn star has just recently become her thing!

This pretty much means that if you are one of The Bold and the Beautiful fans and have always wanted to fuck Mrs. Forrester for everything she has done in the series, now you can almost literally do that on behalf of VR Bangers and their immersive virtual reality. In 6K ultra high definition, it is actually quite easy to forget that you are sitting out there with VR goggles on your head, and that you are not being in the same room with all these sexy VR porn whores – it is: Maitland, in this very case.

The scenario of this latest VR porn video is about the girl sharing some of her deepest hidden sexual fantasies and past erotic experiences that she has had with her previous partners. It will get really kinky and sensual in no time, and – as you might have already guessed – it is really close from just erotic and exciting to sexual, and if you are in the appropriate mood (and so is the girl in front of you) some really pleasurable things can happen when the atmosphere between you two develops.

“We are really happy that Maitland agreed to star in our latest VR porn video,” admits Xander Jones, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “We have always wanted her to join the list of our professional VR porn stars, and now when we have her sharing some of her kinkiest sexual stories with the members of our ever-growing community, we can’t wait to get some feedback from them – yet, we are pretty sure that our fans will be really happy with the outcome of this cooperation!”

If you want to watch this new VR porn video, you can do that after going to this link.

And if you are interested in other scenes from VR Bangers, visit their main page to check their all virtual reality porn videos in HD, 4K UHD and even 6K ultra high definition VR!

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