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ManoMotion Launches its SDK for AR/VR/MR Developers

Computer vision experts ManoMotion announced the release of a robust Software Development Kit (SDK) that provides users with the tools and know-how to incorporate hand gestures into the VR, AR, MR, and/or IoT products and applications they create.

The recent advances in VR, AR, MR and IoT are transforming more than just how people view content and devices, they are evolving how people interact with them. ManoMotion?s 3D real-time gesture recognition technology lets people see their actual hands in VR/AR/MR. Using a standard 2D camera only (such as a cell phone camera), it recognizes and tracks many of the 27 degrees of freedom (DOF) of motion in a hand. It also tracks depth and handles dynamic gestures (such as swipes, clicking, tapping, grab and release, etc), all with an extremely small footprint on CPUs, memory, and battery consumption.

Until now, ManoMotion has been working with customers on a one-on-one basis. The new SDK will enable far more developers to get their hands in and on the technology. ManoMotion is offering its SDK in a freemium model, tiered to fit different customer needs. Using the SDK will allow developers to create applications and content with “hand presence”, in which:

  • People can see their actual hands and move objects in VR/AR/MR space
  • Objects can be manipulated with the right hand or the left hand
  • The movement or the pose of the hand can be determined
  • Dynamic gestures, such as swipes and clicks, can be understood for the manipulation of menus, displays, etc.
  • A set of predefined gestures, such as point, push, pinch, swipe and grab, can be accessed and utilized.

The SDK supports both Native iOS and Android. It also comes with a Unity game engine plugin for both iOS and Android that will enable game developers to design the next blockbuster game or even a slick, agile UI that can be controlled by hand gestures. All SDK users will be supported by ManoMotion?s dedicated technical team of software engineers, developers and computer vision scientists via the company forum, email, tutorials and more. ManoMotion can also develop custom solutions and optimize them to certain specifications.

“The launch of our SDK is a significant milestone in our company?s history,” said Daniel Carlman, co-founder and CEO of ManoMotion. “It marks the start of a new community and knowledge base around gesture technology, to which ManoMotion will show undying commitment and contribution. We can?t wait to see what developers create!”

About ManoMotion

ManoMotion is a computer vision-based software company founded in 2015. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, and with a sales and marketing office in Palo Alto, California, ManoMotion?s long-term vision is to bring unparalleled intuition to human-machine interactions using gesture technology. They have developed a core technology framework to achieve precise hand tracking and gesture recognition in 3D-space simply via a 2-D camera – available on any smart device! They offer the solution across multiple platforms in Virtual Reality, Augmented/Mixed Reality or any environment that requires natural and intuitive interaction.

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