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Four Scenes VR Film MansLaughter By David Marlett

MansLaughter: Everybody’s Gotta Die Sometime is full-length VR film due to release on August 15, 2015 by Cinemersia, a virtual reality film and TV entertainment production company.


 David Marlett

Writer and Director of MansLaughter – David Marlett


ManLaughter is written and directed by David Marlett, author of the best-selling novel, Fortunate Son.


4 scene vr film

Vr film



ManLaughter took an interesting approach to cinematic storytelling as the VR film simultaneously shows four different ongoing scenes, and invites audiences to look for clues and pay attention to details. The audience can choose which one of the four stories to follow at the moment by turning their head.




ManLaughter depicts a story between five people. One of them won a lottery of $265 million. The other four will do anything to steal it from him and claim it for themselves.




According to Fast Company, David Marlett said that the inspiration for MansLaughter was Star War director George Lucas’s film debut, 1971’s THX 1138.



The film will be viewable on Samsung Gear VR’s MilkVR app. However, David deliberately chose not to use a 360 camera rig to shoot the film, because the four scenes were meant to be separated as they are rolling simultaneously.


arapahoe vr film

ARAPAHO: A full length VR feature film

David Marlett’s next film project ARAPAHO, will be a full-length VR feature film shot with 360 camera rig, David told Fast Company that the budget for ARAPAHO is expected to be $2.5 million. The release date is expected to be in early 2017.


Content Source: Cinemersia, Fast Company



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