marvel samsunge Battle for Avenger Tower' 360°

Marvel & Samsung: Battle For The Avengers Tower

Battle For The Avengers Tower’ 360° Video is super cool! I am a huge Marvel fan. When I was in Middle School, as a nerd, my life was about 3 things: Marvel comic, video games and Chicago Bulls. So, when the block buster movie Avenger 2: Age of Ultron came out, I immediately fell love with it!


This video came to me as a pleasant surprise, as it is my personal favorite interactive 360 video on Youtube to date. But regardless if you are a Marvel fan or not, you would enjoy this cool video!


marvel avenger vr


Battle For The Avengers Tower’ 360° Video by Marvel and Samsung Mobile is the coolest 360 video on Youtube I have seen so far! The video takes you inside Stark Tower and the battle between Ultron robots and the superheros!


virtual samsung


Surprisingly, most people still have not been informed that Youtube’s new 360 video features are only available via Google Chrome browser on their desktop, laptop or mobile devices. And the 360 videos are only supported right inside Youtube.


avenger tutorial

Simply put, if you are viewing this post on mobile device or your smartphone, please click the text link that will take you to Youtube’s platform. The interactive ” Battle for the Avenger Tower” video only works there!


virtual 360 video

A gentle reminder that to drag and interact with the virtual 360 video, you must use Google Chrome browser or a virtual reality headsets such as Samsung Gear VR!


After I watched the video and browsed Samsung’s official “Samsung and Marvel join forces” campaign page, the only thought I have is that Samsung is a master at running viral campaign to promote their virtual reality headsets Gear VR and smartphone Galaxy S6. Associating their main products with the hottest block buster movie and make a whole new and comeplete buzz-worthy story line out of it is just pure genius!


x (1)

Samsung’s master plan is explained on the “Samsung and Marvel join forces” page, you can check it out at here.

oculus vr gear vr avenger experience game

A new virtual reality game called “The Avenger Experience” will released soon on Oculus’s Gear VR platform. There is no confirmation yet, but according to the information on the Samsung official page, it seems to be only available on Samsung Gear VR, using Galaxy S6 smartphone.

The Avenger Experience looks pretty rad, fully immersive and very engaging, however, this is just a demo, we need to test it in the future to know if the game really works as cool as everything we saw from the video demos!

marvel samsunge Battle for Avenger Tower' 360°

In the two cool videos below, there is sleek-looking aluminum suit case called “Assemble.” Inside there are a Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone and a Gear VR. We wonder if this is a special edition Marvel Avenger x Samsung crossover combo set? If yes, we are very tempted to order one as a virtual reality collectible!

gear vr assemble

be a vr super hero

gear vr avenger kit

The only thing that bugs me when it comes to virtual reality games is the time to wait… We can’t wait to test this game!

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