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Meet Henry: A Friendly Hedgehog Loves To Hug By Oculus Story Studio

Meet Henry is the second video from Oculus Story Studio, Henry is a cute and friendly hedgehog! Henry is the first virtual character created by Oculus Story Studio.


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Henry Premiere @ Beverly Hill July 28, 2015

Update: Henry Premiere was held today in Beverly Hill, Hollywood.

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Henry Birthday Party Update From Oculus Story Studio

Update: Oculus Story Studio announced today on their Facebook fanapge ( www.facebook.com/oculusstorystudio ), that they will be showing exclusive image from “Henry” for 8 days straight! Ths is to celebrate the premier of Henry, the friendly Hedgehog who loves to HUG! The premier is on July 28 @ Hollywood. The above image is Henry’s Bday invitation with direction and the cutest P.S. ever!


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Quote From Oculus Story Studio Producer Edward Saatchi

“One of the cool things about Henry is that we’re incorporating more of that interactive discovery, where you can find his photo album and see elements of it brought to life. You can feel as though you’re discovering parts of his story, which is really powerful. You’ll have a greater agency of discovering elements of his house.” Oculus Story Studio Producer Edward Saatchi ( via Engadget )


henry hedgehog birthday party


The story is so simple and yet so adorable, anyone who watched the demo would want to be Henry’s friend! However, there is only one small problem, this down to the earth little guy with spikes all over him loves to give out hugs… Henry’s birthday is coming up but he has no friends… Is anyone coming? We want to know!!!


Meet Henry: Premier on July 28, 2015

Directed by director and animation Ramiro Lopez Dau, Henry is a immersive VR experience that will make its premier and full-length official debut on July 28, 2015 in Hollywood. The full-length film will also be available to Oculus CV1 owners when the VR headset launches in 2016.


henry film premier hollywood


Without a question, this heartwarming and delightful short VR film will definitely appeal to mainstream! Let’s wait and see what happen on Henry’s birthday! The birthday boy even has his own official website, check it out at here!


Content & Image Source: Oculus Story Studio & Henry official page, Engadget


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