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Meta Quest 3 Controllers And Accessories: The Complete Guide

The latest insights into Meta Quest 3 controllers and accessories

Announced at the Meta Connect event in 2023, the Meta Quest 3 controllers and accessories promise to deliver an exciting range of updates to XR fans. Now available worldwide, the Meta Quest 3 represents an exciting step forward in Meta’s XR roadmap.

The new headset is a significant upgrade from the Quest 2, including everything from full-color passthrough to a new hyper-powered chipset. Meta’s new controllers and accessories also offer users opportunities to access deeper levels of immersion and ergonomic comfort.

If you plan on upgrading your Meta headset soon, here’s everything you need to know about the Meta Quest 3 controllers and accessories to enhance your experience.

Meta Quest 3 Controllers: The Pricing

Before we dive into the features of the Meta Quest Pro controllers and the accessories you can use to optimize your experience, let’s cover pricing. Notably, the Meta Quest headset, available in 128GB and 512GB, is bundled with two Touch Plus controllers.

The headset is a little more expensive than previous models, which makes sense considering all the added features and updated specs. The cheapest version of the device (the 128GB version) is available for $499 in the US, £479 in the UK, and €549 in the EU.

The upgraded headset version (the 512GB option) starts at $649 in the US, £619 in the UK, and €699 in the EU. You can purchase both headset versions from the Meta Store in 23 countries or through select retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Argos, or Target.

Separately, if you want to purchase additional controllers or upgrade the controllers on your Meta Quest 2 or the Meta Quest Pro, you can. The Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers are available for $299.99 from the Meta store.

Meta Quest 3 Controllers: The Basics

The Meta Connect event 2023 revealed many exciting details about the new headset, its release date, and its functionality. First, it’s worth noting that the Meta Quest 3 controllers aren’t always necessary to access the headset’s features.

Thanks to a new range of cameras and sensor solutions, Meta’s headset can track your hands, allowing for hands-free control. The company is also working on inside-out upper body tracking, though it won’t be available to developers until later this year.

This new functionality will allow the headset to track a user’s arms and torso without using additional external cameras. Meta is even considering releasing “unbundled” versions of the Quest 3 in the future, allowing users to purchase the headset without the controllers.

If you choose to use controllers with the Meta Quest 3 headset, you can expect an upgraded experience from the Quest 2.

The “Touch Plus” controllers are designed to be more comfortable and ergonomic. They also feature TruTouch haptic for immersive feedback. Notably, however, they rely on disposable AA batteries, though it is possible to purchase a charging dock for an additional $129.

The Features of the New Meta Quest 3 Controllers

The new Meta Quest 3 controllers aren’t just more streamlined than their predecessors and offer advanced functionality. With the Touch Plus controllers, there are no tracking rings, common among 6DoF consumer controllers since the introduction of the Oculus Rift.

This ring usually features an array of infrared cameras for movement detection. However, in a Meta Connect session, Meta explained they’ve moved these IR LEDs into the controller’s faceplate while adding an IR LED at the bottom of the handle.

Notably, the controllers work slightly differently from the Touch Pro controllers, which also don’t have their tracking ring. The Pro controllers use on-board cameras to track their position in space. The Plus controllers also feature advanced haptics.

While the haptic feedback isn’t quite as advanced as what you’d get from the Touch Pro, the Touch Plus has a single haptic motor to increase immersion. Developers can even use the Meta Haptics Studio tool to create unique haptic effects that work across all Meta devices.

One additional update to the Touch Plus controllers is the introduction of a two-stage index trigger. Additional force applied to the trigger after it’s pulled can be read as a separate value. However, the Touch Plus controllers won’t include certain advanced features, such as the “pinch sensor” on the thumbpad on previous devices.

Meta Quest 3 Official Accessories

As mentioned above, the Meta Quest Touch Plus controllers can be purchased separately as an additional “accessory” for the headset at around $299. However, the Meta Quest 3 controllers will also be accompanied by various accessories approved by the Meta team.

Meta has revealed several accessories for comfort, control, performance updates, and personalization. The options available today include:

The Meta Quest 3 Elite Strap (with or without battery)

The Meta Quest has an adjustable soft strap designed to fit every user perfectly. However, you can upgrade your stripe to an “Elite” hard strap. The Elite strap easily adjusts to fit most head sizes at the turn of a dial, making it ideal for families and groups.

It also evenly distributes the headset’s weight on your face for better comfort. The standard Elite strap costs $69.99. However, you can purchase a strap with an in-built lithium-ion battery for $129.99. Meta says this delivers up to 2 hours more VR time.

The Meta Quest 3 Silicon Facial Interface

Intended to improve user comfort, the Meta Quest 3 silicone facial interface, for $39.99, makes it easy to clean the inside of your headset and remove sweat. Meta also says it provides a more comfortable fit and helps users block light from external sources when in VR.

There’s the option to purchase an advanced head strap and facial interface simultaneously for $49.99. The straps are available in both Elemental Blue and Blood Orange at present. The price might be a little high, but these products could be an excellent option for teams and regular users.

Meta Quest 3 Controller Straps

If you’re using the Meta Quest 3 controllers, purchasing the “Active straps” from Meta will help to ensure you don’t lose your grip. They’re premium, adjustable straps designed to fit most hand sizes comfortably and give you more stability while you navigate virtual worlds.

Currently, the straps are available for $49.99 and wrap around the back of your hand, ensuring you can open your fingers and gesture without dropping your controllers.

The Charging Dock for the Quest 3

The Quest 3 offers about the same battery life as the Quest 2, which could mean you’ll run out of power quickly. While you can charge the headset with a cable and replace the batteries in your Meta Quest 3 controllers, the charging dock offers another alternative.

The all-in-one wireless charging dock, for $129.99, comes with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for your controllers. Plus, since it’s an official Meta product, it’s compatible with other accessories, such as the Active Straps and Elite Strap.

Meta Quest Link Cable

The Meta Quest Link cable isn’t a new accessory for Meta’s headsets. The product was already introduced for the Quest 2, and it works with both devices and the Quest Pro. This product lets you connect your Quest 3 to your computer to stream PC content.

Notably, you can bypass using the expensive link cable for $79.99, too. Meta is also offering support for wireless streaming via Air Link. However, if you’re worried about lag and latency, the cable will ensure a more stable connection.

Zenni VR Prescription Lenses

Introduced to improve the VR headset experience for those who already wear eyeglasses, the Zenni VR prescription lenses allow users to customize their experience. Lightweight and straightforward to install, these lenses are custom-made for your prescription.

Notably, they’re designed for the Meta Quest 3, so you won’t be able to use your custom lenses with any other devices, such as the Quest 2 or Quest Pro.

Official Meta Quest 3 Carrying Case

Probably one of the simplest accessories available from Meta, the carrying case for $69.99 will allow you to transport your headset safely. If you’re taking the device to work or sharing it with friends, this stylish case is a great purchase.

It includes spaces for your headset and your Meta Quest 3 controllers, charging cable, adapter, and head strap. The Elite Head Strap and Active Straps will also fit in the case. Notably, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find other carrying cases from third-party vendors on Target, Amazon, and other channels in the months to come.

Razer HypeSpeed Headphones

Just as Meta has worked with Zenni to create custom lenses for its new headset, it’s also working with Razer to enhance the audio experience. The Quest 3 has built-in speakers, up to 40% louder than the speakers on the Quest 2. They also feature spatial sound for greater immersion.

However, the headset also has a 3.5mm headphone jack to add your own audio peripherals. Razer’s in-ear Bluetooth headphones, the “Hammerhead HypeSpeed buds,” were designed for the Quest 3 and offer a fantastic wire-free experience. These headphones cost around $149.99 and come with low-latency hyper-speed technology.

Choosing your Meta Quest 3 Controllers and Accessories

The Meta Quest 3 controllers and the wide range of accessories offered by Meta aim to further enhance the benefits of the new device in the XR market. Whether you buy additional Plus controllers for your headset or a facial interface and set of lenses, there are plenty of ways to make your Quest experience more personalized.

As the Meta Quest 3 continues to attract attention from VR and mixed reality enthusiasts, there’s a good chance we’ll see more accessories released in the years ahead.

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