Meta's Spark AR Platform Aims to Empower AR Creators

Meta (previously known as Facebook) is planning on empowering digital content creators to create and make a living building the Metaverse through the Spark AR ecosystem.

The community is an early but thriving marketplace for industry professional and talent to take shape. Nowadays, agencies and brands are seeking for skilled creators to produce augmented reality experiences for Instagram and Facebook. Many talented creators are advancing their careers to seek paid opportunities.

Spark AR Curriculum

The Spark AR curriculum is a free online training program developed in partnership with Facebook Blueprint designed to teach entry-level creators how to create AR experiences using the Spark AR platform. Currently, over 22,000 creators have joined the course. Meta plans to prioritize education and training to assist AR creators at all levels to up their skills and improve their careers.

The Spark AR Foundations is the first available course in the Spark AR Curriculum. This course includes many hours of instructional videos designed for beginners. This course is for anyone interested to learn the fundamentals of AR design and publishing on Instagram and Facebook

This is a formal program that allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and proficiency with Spark AR, and earn a Facebook Certified Spark AR Creator badge.

How do I earn a Spark AR Creator certificate?

To earn the certificate, you will need to pass a virtual exam offer through the Facebook Blueprint. To help creators prepare for the certification exam, Spark AR will provide online practice test for those to pre-determine if you are ready for the exam.

The cost of certification exam will be $150 USD. 

You can access the course here

Part 1: Introduction to Augmented Reality with Spark AR (1.4 hour)

This course will provide you an understanding of AR principles, and learn the difference between the different types of XR, especially on mobile devices.

Part 2: Create Augmented Reality with Spark AR Studio

Learn how to use Spark AR Studio to produce a wide range of AR experiences, ranging from simple face effects and world objects to effect music, sound, and animations.

Part 3: Manage AR Effects

Here you can learn how to submit and publish AR content to Instagram and Facebook, and how to use Spark AR Insights to track the effect's performance.

Spark AR Professional Course

For those intermediate level AR creator looking to advance your careers, Spark AR has a new offering - the Spark AR Professional course. The course is designed for those to prepare themselves before jumping into the certification.

The AR Professional course is a 5 hours instructional program taught by Spark AR experts including Luke Hurd, Noland Chaliha, and Ommy Akhigbe designed to teach advanced AR concepts and newest Spark AR studio techniques.

Ready for a Career in AR?

If you have successfully earn a Spark AR Certification, you are automatically invited to join the Facebook Career Network. This job search network currently features 100 brands and agencies looking for experienced AR digital talent.

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