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Could The Microsoft Hololens Be The Next PC?

Microsoft announced a future-focused augmented reality platform called “Windows Holographic” that run on Microsoft’s latest head-mounted device called the “Hololens.”

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“We have invented the most advanced holographic computer the world has ever seen.”


Hololens blends your digital life with the world you’re living in, taking virtual world beyond traditional screens. It is the first fully untethered Holographic computer with see-through holographic high-definition lenses. This is where holograms can be introduced to our physical world with more reality than ever before.


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Microsoft said that although Hololens is equipped with built-in high end CPU and GPU, but the specification still not enough to handle all the processing required to understand the physical world around us. So Microsoft went beyond the traditional CPU and GPU and invented a 3rd processor, a holographically processing unit (HPU). Hololens has spatial sound, so we can hear holograms even if they are behind us. It has advanced sensors to capture what we are doing and the environment we are in.


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The HPU enables the ability to understand where you are looking, gestures, voices, and gives us the ability to spatially map the the entire world around us.


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All this processing is completely untethered while running terabytes of information from all of these sensors in real-time, allowing user to create, consume, and share holographic experiences in the holographic landscape.





Hololens enables holographic computing natively with no markers, no external cameras, no wires, no phone required, and no connection to a PC needed. Some developers are calling the Hololens “The Next PC.”


Holostudio allows anyone to create holograms within just minutes, taking the power of 3D modeling and creation, take it out from the traditional 2D screen, and put it in the real world to interact and share with others. This is a new medium to artistic expression and creation that we never had before.





Holograms can be perceived as a 3D preview of 3D printing. In Microsoft’s demonstration showcase how a virtual drone can created in Holostudio, 3 printed, and yet hovers perfectly in the physical world. The Hololens will be available sometime within in the Windows 10 timeframe!


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