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Mirada VR & Google Presents Google Shop at Currys VR Tour App

Mirada, founded in 2010, is a Los Angeles based virtual reality studio that is built and designed to collaborate and partner with creative thinkers and storytellers in the immersive, entertainment, advertising, brand, and technology communities.


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MiradaVR has developed its VR creative process and technical pipeline over the past two years and is committed to innovation and providing high quality virtual reality experiences. MiradaVR is an end-to-end solution and one-stop-shop for design, scripting, direction, VR filming, spherical multi-cam stitching, editing, VFX, post-production, through to application development and platform deployment.



headcase booth mirada vr socal vr expo

We visited MIRADA VR Booth @ SoCal Conf. & Expo. We are extremely impressed with the demo!

Mirada Booth W/ HeadcaseVR

socal conference expo 2015 headcase mirada vr booth demo

Today @ SoCal Conference & Expo. Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/MiradaStudios




Google Shop  Currys VR Tour

Download Google Shop at Currys VR Tour @ Google Play


For the launch of a new retail store concept, the Google shop, in-house agency Autofuss partnered with Mirada to introduce the store to the press before it was open to the public, using a unique interactive VR storytelling experience. The immersive App “Google Shop at Currys VR Tour” is available to download in Google Play at this page.


mirada vr virtual reality immersive app


The App showcased Google’s vision of a space that can offer everything. From education, communication, learning, fun, entertainment, it’s all here! Inside the App, users are navigated by pop-up icons in sight or icons that shows when users looks down. simply move your head and lock your sight over the Apps to activate them.


Mirada VR’s Amazing Navigation Solution For Cardboard VR Games

What is most amazing is that, Google Cardboard is without head and eye tracking sensors, but in this App – users can navigate by slight turning their head positioning to interact with the navigation tabs below or pop-up icons in sight.


This is perhaps the first time, users are gaining control over navigation, before with other VR games viewed or played using “Google Cardboard”, we were just sort of going with the flow because we weren’t able to navigate at will. Very cool concept and viable solution from Mirada VR!


mirada teams up with Google

When users look down, 3 pop-up will show up, they are for your navigation


vr app google mirada

This Google Associate shows how the pop-up icons look like inside the App!


Andrew Cochrane from Mirada lead the technical and creative development for the app and explained:

“Being charged with creating the first official VR app for Cardboard wasn’t just about pushing the hardware and technology as far as possible. Instead, it was about creating an immersive experience – telling the Google shop story through an intimate tour that offers a VIP sneak peek at the store before it is unveiled to the world. This was an exciting opportunity to use our skills and experience in storytelling to make something truly unique and deeply engaging.”


Mirada’s Collarboration With Jaunt VR

To capture the live-action component, Mirada collaborated with Jaunt, a technology company building the hardware and software to make truly immersive cinematic VR possible. The content was filmed using Jaunt’s proprietary 360 degree, stereoscopic 3D cameras, as well as 3D sound- field microphones, to put the viewers right in the middle of the scenes at a secure Google R&D facility in Mountain View, CA.


jaunt vr logo


Jaunt platform makes use of advanced algorithms and computational photography software to enable the creation of seamless, omnidirectional 3D experiences. This was used to create the raw stereo-spherical footage for editorial and post- production at Mirada.


Mirada President John Fragomeni:

“We are very proud of this project, it is the culmination of nearly two years of R&D to build an industry-leading VR pipeline at Mirada, one that focuses on reliable workflows for shooting, editing, VFX, integrating CG, and finishing live-action stereo spherical video, to deliver top-tier content to this platform. This could not have been possible without the dedication of our talented special projects team and great partners in Autofuss, Google and Jaunt.”


mirada virtual reality headquarter

Mirada VR’s stylish and sleek Los Angles headquarter


The post-production and programming pipelines at Mirada managed over 6 terabytes of data to create an app for Android. Mirada’s artists edited, created a 3D environment for the Google Store to live in, and composited the CG and 360° video.


The development efforts included working in Unity 3D, an interactive development platform, and the Google Cardboard SDK to integrate live action, CG, and real-time-rendered assets into an app that can run on a mobile phone.


This marks the first time that Google has directly commissioned content for their Cardboard VR platform. The result is a piece of truly immersive visual and virtual reality storytelling!



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