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Adult Content Producer Embrace New Volumetric Video Capture & Holographic Technology

Microsoft announced today the grand opening of their Mix Reality Capture Studios as well as a Mix Reality Academy located in the company’s San Francisco Reactor developer space. This is especially good new for the adult VR industry, as porn in VR are primarily shot with multiple cameras strapped to the performer’s head. After thousands of scenes, things are already starting to become dull. VR porn movies makers have been anticipating to integrate depth into their productions. With this type of technology, user will be able to walk inside the prerecorded scene to enjoy every possible angle as they wish.

While Microsoft has several Reactors around the world that are open to hosting technical events such as Hack-A-Thons, Meet Ups, Code With, the Reactor in San Francisco will be the flagship Mix Reality Capture Studio and the company’s first Mix Reality Academy.

Mix Reality Capture Studio

Image Credit: Microsoft

Over the past few years, Microsoft’s first MR capture studio located in Redmond has captured thousands of performances and made them into holograms. The goal of the Mix Reality Studio is to make high quality capture accessible for mix reality creators around the world.

The company is also looking to license their mix reality capture studio in other major markets worldwide, with the first location opening in London in partnership with Digital Catapult and Hammerhead.

The MR Academy goal is to enable developers to get their hands on tutorials, lesson, and coding. Chief inventor of HoloLens says that the MR Academy serves as a community hub for developers to join, collaborate, and produce mix reality content together. This is where creators and developers begin their work creating MR experiences for the Microsoft HoloLense and Window MR hearts.

For more information regarding upcoming session, workshops, and hackathons, visit here

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