More Than 16 Million Users Can Play Their Favorite Games in VR

DVR (Dive into VR) company launches VR Stream solution, which allows its users to play computer games in VR mode with the use of their PC, smartphone and a mobile VR headset.


“Today the sales growth of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive devices is slowing down, due to the high price of equipment!”, CEO & Co-founder DVR (Dive into VR) Mikhail Torkunov notes. “VR Stream solution is a way to resolve two main problems of today’s VR market. It provides low cost alternative to expensive VR equipment and expands the amount of high-quality VR content.” Torkunov continues.


VR Stream technology entails two components: mobile application and PC client. Application is free to download and allows a user to enjoy a free of charge trial-period for 1 hour, after which the system will ask a user to pay $3 per each game added.


The essence of VR Stream technology is transmission of video from a PC to a smartphone with the use of 5Ghz WiFi connection or a USB cable and its transformation into VR mode. All the operation processes are provided by a PC. At the moment, VR Stream supports Nvidia video cards, but will also start supporting AMD by November, 2016.


Author: VR Reporter

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