#MoveMore Challenge: World’s First Global VR Ftness Challenge

VIRO MOVE launching the first-ever VR fitness tournament. The challenge will run until September 26th. In case you’ve missed the opportunity and did not sign up on time, don’t worry! You can still submit your application HERE. Have fun, get fit, and win cool prizes – such as HTC VIVE hardware, a copy of the VIRO MOVE game, and entry to the 2020 VR Fitness World Championships! Visit https://www.viromove.com/vive-viro-movemore-challenge/ for more.

Also, don’t forget to add the game to your wishlist on the HTC Vive Store (https://www.viveport.com/apps/c4b94764-d3da-48df-8497-517b8fbef073/VIRO_MOVE/) and Steam (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1076020/VIRO_MOVE/) to stay up to date with development progress.


Imagine the unbelievable. A top-notch VR experience which encourages gamers to exercise, and fitness enthusiasts to play games, while ensuring that both sets of people love every second of it. Too good to be true?

And what if we told you that while having fun and getting fit you could also win cool prizes?


  • The top 30 participants will each receive the full version of VIRO MOVE.
  • The top 5 challengers will each win an HTC VIVE Headset.
  • The top 10 challengers will each be eligible to enter the 2020 VR Fitness World Championships!


  1. #MOVEMORE Tutorial Mode:

The tutorial is designed to help players master the mechanics of the game and is always available for players to access during the challenge.

  1. #MOVEMORE Free Play Mode:

Players can practice Easy and Medium levels across all fighting styles a maximum of twenty times (twenty play credits). Once the twenty Free Play credits have been used up, Free Play mode will lock, and players will only have access to the Tutorial and Challenge modes.

  1. #MOVEMORE Challenge mode:

Players have a maximum of twelve credits (they can play twelve times) to obtain the highest score in each fighting style within Challenge mode.


Four fighting styles will be available in the challenge:

  • Boxing
  • Shooting
  • Sword play


  1. Using Credits

Competitors can use all of their credits in one sitting, or they may wish to strategically play game-by-game and see how the leaderboards evolve across the duration of the challenge.

Unused credits will be lost on the last day of the tournament.

  1. Challenge scoring

Players with the highest in-game score for each fighting style will be awarded a total of 100 tournament points.

Every other participant will be awarded tournament points according to their score as a percentage of the highest score of each fighting style.


Challenge leaderboards and scores will update instantly. Each fighting style will have its own leaderboard.

The tournament leaderboard score will be the combined total of points from all four fighting styles.



Four environments will be activated for the tournament (Fishing Pier, Stonehenge, Roman Ruins, Glass Bridge) – one per fighting style.


Four fighting skins will be activated for the tournament – one per fighting style.


Four songs from our soundtrack will be activated for each game – one per fighting style. The games and songs in Challenge mode will not be the same as those in Free Play mode.


Easy and Medium levels will be available for the Free Play mode. Challenge mode games will use the Medium difficulty level.


VIRO MOVE was specifically designed to encourage natural and healthy physical fitness movements across the whole body. Have fun as you move your way through increasingly demanding game levels. Join tournaments, and climb to the top of global leaderboards.

The game not only effectively replaces the workout experience, but most importantly it does so in a fun and engaging way. Whether you prefer to call it a game or a fitness program, whether you’re a fitness fan or a couch potato, or whether you simply love gaming but have no time for workouts – VIRO MOVE will adapt to your specific fitness needs, abilities, and current shape, over time making you healthier, stronger, fitter, and ultimately happier!

VIRO MOVE was optimized for HTC VIVE PRO – the most advanced and best-performing headset on the market. Recommended due to the quality of the image, ergonomics and high-res soundstage.


  • Work hard, play hard, join the VIRO MOVE Challenge!

As your virtual coach we will motivate you to train harder than you ever imagined possible. When you participate in a challenge you’ll fight harder and longer to become a VR fitness champion and you’ll love every minute of it. Engage in stamina, endurance, movement, and strategic planning as you compete against the world’s best VIRO Ninjas.

  • Forget about boring gym routines

Choose between swords, fists, and guns to workout, stay motivated, and constantly challenge yourself.


If you want extraordinary results, master our MIXED WEAPONS-mode, where you can change weapons during a dynamic workout gameplay.

  • Watch those calories burn

Your caloric output is calculated and analyzed by our advanced algorithm every step of the way. Your progress and historical data are available for you to manage and compare as you advance toward your fitness goals.

  • Sharing is caring

Meeting friends? Throwing a housewarming party? Share the burn in our awesome Hot Seat mode and find out who’s the fittest, fastest, and healthiest.

  • If you do a workout, do it right

Getting fit has never been this easy! VIRO MOVE has been approved as a serious fitness tool by more than 1000 FIBO and IRSA sports professionals.

  • Customize your VIRO MOVE experience

Earn and unlock skins as you progress through unique and unrestricted gameplay.

  • Train like a beast – look and feel like a beauty

As your virtual trainer we’ll keep the challenges coming! To help you gain tangible results we’ll be delivering regular challenges and tournaments.

  • Easy to start – hard to master

Whether you’re a beginner or a workout junkie, you’ll fit right in. Start slowly with a tutorial or jump straight to the hardest levels. It’s entirely up to you.

  • Workout arenas

Choose from five different and gloriously immersive environments to stay focused and in the zone.

  • Beat it, just beat it!

Feel the beat. Let it pass through you. Experience true immersion and perfect soundtrack beat synchronization while smashing through high quality obstacles, drones, and other targets.

VIRO MOVE is currently under development. The game is planned to launch on HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Rift, and upcoming HTC headsets.

More information about the game can be found on the official website, Facebook, and Twitter profiles.

All promo materials for the game are available for download HERE.

Check competition terms and conditions HERE.

If you’d like to interview the dev team behind the project, please get in touch with Agnieszka Szóstak at agnieszka.szostak@pr-outreach.com or call +48 881 951 601.


About Fit Reality

Fit Reality is a small team of independent game developers based in Warsaw, Poland, originating from both the fitness and gaming industries. We believe in the “play more, move more, live more” philosophy, which led us to create our first VR fitness game – VIRO MOVE. It has come from the “depths of our gamers’ hearts” and is a result of mixing our knowledge of fitness solutions with our passion for emerging VR technologies, along with our love for gaming and game development. https://www.viromove.com/



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