Movie Director and Skydiver creates the most realistic Virtual Reality Parachute Landing Simulation ever!

CanopySim is a virtual reality Parachute Landing Simulation, the first of its kind to entertain and teach real life canopy techniques for anyone wanting to experience the thrill of skydiving.

CanopySim was designed with an emphasis on beautiful, exotic environments as well as incorporating the real world physics of canopy flight. CanopySim consultants include some of the top parachute flight coaches in the USA and NASA engineers, to bring the most realistic physics of canopy flight into the virtual world.

“I searched for an existing true to life skydiving experience in VR and could not find anything that came close to the real thing, so I decided to create it myself” – Amir Valinia, Creator of CanopySim

Simulation Highlights:

  • Jump into a stadium with thousands of screaming fans
  • Fly at night between exotic buildings
  • Land on a secluded island or next to the Statue of Liberty
  • Realistic physics of canopy flight based on Forward speed, Downward speed, Turns, Drag and Flare

Our pre-release marketing has reached over 300,000 YouTube viewers as well as over 380,000 Facebook users with over 51,000 post engagements in just a few months.

CanopySim is available on Oculus and Steam VR.

Amir Valinia is available for interviews and demonstrations.

Amir Valinia


SOURCE AV1 Productions

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