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Do you remember a science fiction movie called Demolition Man, starring Sylvester Stallone and Sandra Bullock? The film shows the reality of 2032.

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There is a scene when the character played by Stallone discovers that people from the future don’t have physical contact during sexual intercourse; they use virtual reality helmets instead. Twenty years ago, people laughed at that ridiculous idea, but now it is real!

Let’s recall how the concept of virtual sex was created and explore where the whole thing might lead us. Will we all end up having sex with realistic silicone dolls with VR headsets on or watching hologram porn?

Is cybersex here to stay?

Technological progress gave us a lot of new possibilities. Nowadays, millions of people all over the world work, learn, do shopping, and entertain themselves online.

So, it would be weird not to use technology for improving our sex lives as well. Technology helped to broaden our sexual horizons. There is no need to wait for your significant other to appear since you can always stimulate your mind by listening, texting, or watching videos on the Internet.

In our time, sex doesn’t have to include penetration; you can get sexual pleasure without a partner. And virtual sex is all about that.

Judging by the number of porn videos and platforms, Internet users will never get bored of virtual sex. It is the way people deal with loneliness, feelings of isolation, and high sex drive.

Phone Sex

Phone sex is the first known digital remote stimulation that involves the use of technology. With the advent of phones, it became possible to have sex without any physical contact involved. There are different types of phone sex conversation: sexual sounds, expression of sexual fantasies, guided fantasy, narrated suggestions, etc.

Couples have been doing this on the distance for a long time. A lot of single people also wanted to try sex on the phone, that’s how hotlines were invented. Right now, there is no need in phone sex; there are sex chats, Skype, and many other platforms where you can not only hear another person but also see.

Many couples are still having dirty talks on the phone, but all hotlines with faceless sexy girls disappeared.


The first time the term ‘sexting’ appeared in the Australian magazine Sunday Telegraph 15 years ago. This concept became more common with the rise in smartphones and WiFi.

Sexting includes exchanging sexually explicit messages and images. It seems like sexting will never get old.

First of all, it is a masturbation material and can be an excellent substitute for pornography and erotic novels. Secondly, it is easy to get since there are a lot of apps, social media platforms where you can chat with your partner or strangers. Some people are eager to pay for having access to sexting platforms such as Plenty of Fish, Kaboom, Confide, Dust, or Match.

For couples, it is an erotic experience that can help get partners in the mood and show trust. However, exchanging spicy messages or nude photos will never be private.

Different situations can occur: if you break up, your photos could end up online, or someone could hack your phone, or you might send a spicy text to someone by mistake. Every time you send a nude picture, keep in mind that it can go viral since it is extremely easy to steal data in our digital times. Let’s not forget about people who use nudes to blackmail people. Sexting is fun, but at the same time, it is also a slippery slope.


Who doesn’t have a webcam or phone camera nowadays? It’s easy to turn on the camera and meet your long-distance partner or strangers and have some fun. Cybersex became popular in the last few years – there are even Internet sex workers ( women or men who show their body parts and perform different things on web camera for money).

Cybersex attracts users since it doesn’t require a lot of effort; it is relatively cheap or even free. Also, it can help make your long-distance relationship work or experience something you’d never do in real life.

Some people have cybersex addiction. They prefer masturbation while engaged in an online activity. The main problem is that cybersex addicts don’t see the difference between cyber and real relationships. As you can understand, cybersex addiction can jeopardize the ability of one to have a healthy sexual relationship with a real person.

Virtual Reality Sex

The concept of virtual reality headsets can make you think that we are already living in the future. The day it appeared, people have started speaking about the possibility of watching pornography with a headset on. Indeed, it is better than watching it on your phone or computer screen. VR combined with good-quality headphones can make you believe that you are somewhere far away.

Nowadays, it is possible to watch virtual reality porn. However, it is not widespread since the cost of VR headsets is still pretty high. You need to spend at least 1000$ on headset and headphones. Also, finding porn videos within this format can be pretty challenging. On the other hand, nothing is impossible. The market is growing rapidly, and it means that VR will be more accessible in the future.

Meanwhile, digital companies are trying to combine virtual reality and sex dolls. You can create the reality you like and choose any partner (or multiple partners) you want and use a sex doll as a masturbation sex toy. It can be an interesting mix since the virtual reality video, and a realistic sex doll will move in the same way. Users will also be able to choose poses and environments.

Creators say that these new technologies can improve the lives of people who feel lonely and sexually not satisfied.

Nowadays having sexual intercourse without touching another person is possible. There are a lot of ways of doing so – you can do sexting, watch videos, observe someone online, use a VR headset. Quite possible, hologram porn would be the next step (unless we already have it).

There is a possibility that a director Marco Brambilla predicted the future in the Demolition Man movie. The question is next: When will cybersex become the only form of sexual intercourse?

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