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Nanoport Announces New Haptics Components for Gaming

Silicon Valley lab unveils new haptics for gaming, virtual reality and augmented reality hardware platforms.”

Nanoport Technology Inc. announces a new gaming variant of its TacHammer haptics actuator that generates a new range of tactile haptics including simulated gunshots, mechanical button presses, rumbling thunder, and even the subtle throbs of a beating heart.

The TacHammer’s unique magnetically balanced design produces three types of haptic impulses–sharp jolts, soft pulses and vibrations over a wide frequency range–providing a vast improvement over the standard vibration haptics found in gaming controllers today. Intermixed, these impulses are capable of simulating convincing mechanical feedback that is impossible with traditional haptic components.

“In VR, realistic effects are crucial for creating a believable virtual world. A player should feel the recoil of a shotgun or the patter of raindrops,” said Jeremy Chan, Lead Engineer at Nanoport. “Modern haptic actuators are limited to buzzes and clicks, while our new haptics allow developers to create even greater user engagement.”

In addition to the TacHammer’s new range of feedback, the component also benefits from a simpler design, free of conventional springs or mechanisms. This decreases complexity and cost while increasing durability and power efficiency.

For game developers, the TacHammer comes with a pre-made library of common haptic effects, along with simple instructions for generating customized effects. The library supports a variety of industry-standard platforms including Texas Instrument’s DRV 2605/2624 range of drivers.

For hardware manufacturers, the TacHammer’s drop-in design permits easy integration. Nanoport has made the TacHammer available in a range of form factors compatible with existing components, allowing manufacturers to easily swap in the new technology.

Nanoport first previewed the new haptic component at Mobile World Congress Americas 2017 and is already working with major manufacturers to bring its technology to next-generation hardware platforms. The TacHammer haptics component is the first in a number of new technologies to be later announced in the coming year.

VR and console game developers interested in using the TacHammer in their own projects, can contact info@nanomagnetics.com to sign up for a developer’s kit.

About Nanoport

Nanoport Technology Inc. is a Silicon Valley R&D lab for mobile technologies. The company specializes in the development of advanced solutions for connectivity, haptics, multi-device applications and human-device interfaces. Nanoport also offers a range of specialized components for close-range communication, power transfer and modular device interactivity.

Twitter: @thenanoport

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