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AR Adult Entertainment by Naughty America: Strip Club & Holographic Porn Stars Avatars

Naughty America, a premium adult entertainment studio known for its gigantic archive and wide selection of different genres of 2D and virtual reality porn movies had launched its own AR strip club and selection of AR porn star avatars.

Naughty America was one of the first studio that showcased early development of its own AR contents in 2018. And in 209, Naughty America presented even more advanced AR technology at the CES 2019, Las Vegas. Showcasing porn stars strip teasing in augment reality.

Back in 2018 and 2019, to us, the AR content was in its premature stage, the quality and the movement of the models was not very impressive. However, in 2020, we are seeing major upgrade on Naughty America’s new platform the Naughty America Strip Club.

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3D AR Avatars in Different Position Anyone?

Creator Asset is another AR experimentation project from Naughty America, it offers a library of 3D scanned AR porn models’ avatars in different twosome of threesome sex positions. This holographic animations is designed to work with your Android or iOS smart phone or tablet, and you get to experience the porn stars avatars having sex in your own room. Check it out the selection on this page.

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Why AR Porn? What’s the Difference Compare to 360 Porn?

Around the same year, another premium porn studio The Virtual Reality Bangers had also launched its own AR adult platform, the AR Conk. At this time, as we know and correct us if we are missing other studios, Naught America and VRBangers are two of the only studios that released quality AR adult content for purchase.

On the other hand, virtual reality adult entertainment community also have several studios that offers strip club and strip tease experience in VR. Our favorites are StripChat, StripZ and iStripper. StripChat tops it all for now, and it is more like a live-cam in VR than strip performance, but sometimes, you do get both!

So, why should you try out AR strip club when you already have other VR strip club available?

Because some viewers preferred to enjoy porn and jerk off without a headset or any other device, to enjoy Naughty America’s strip club experience, all you need is a computer or a smart phone. And you can also enjoy the holographic experience with a AR or MR headset.


What is the price to watch the Strip Shows?

Right now, you can try out and have a glimpse of the Naughty America Strip Club for couple minutes without charge if you not a member yet. There is no separate payment option for Strip Club membership. If you pay, you get a site-wide all access to the studios AR, VR and 2D porn, a great bargain indeed!

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Final Words on Naughty’s AR Experince

The movement of the 3D models are much smoother and the quality is decent. Is there a room for more improvement? Definitely yes, compare to other popular and well-developed AR games such as the Pokémon Go or the Wizards Unite, porn presented in augmented reality still has a long way to go….

We still have to give major credit to Naughty America’s improvement. The 3D models looks very realistic and the dancing movement was smooth! So, we did enjoy Naughty America’s AR strip tease experience quite a bit, so it is for sure worth checking out and give it a try for yourself!

We can clearly see there is a promising future in its development and enhancement!

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