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Immersive VR Porn Technology Is The Future Of Porn Showcased @ E3 Expo

Naughty America holds an attractive and eye-catching booth this year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) held in Los Angeles, California. They have setup some exciting VR porn video demo for the gamers and spectators where it rounds in the course of short video clips. It is made to show it in a person’s point of view where the viewer acts in replacement for the camera. Since the technology is fairly new it caused a little shock to the attendees who admittedly took pleasure in the demo, its unusual setting and more.

As the people were drawn from an ear-splitting conference to an X-rated fantasy in a snap they mostly ended up with blushing faces. Some tried to grab on to something with immense eagerness due to the 3D video and audio matched with 180 degree vision that persuaded the user’s senses.

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E3 Embraces VR & VR Porn Technology and Startups

According to ESA’s (Electronic Software Association), E3’s producer and owner, written announcement stated a comment: “E3 sits squarely at the intersection of entertainment and technology—and freedom of expression. All our exhibitors showcase hardware and software that broaden understanding of how the world interacts with technology in a manner that is respectful of the event’s mature attendees. Regulations and processes are in place to ensure that all exhibitors adhere to code of conduct guidelines and help ensure a positive experience for everyone.”

Naughty America chose to have a convention with gamers to have an open discussion on what they would like to see in the videos. There are a mix of suggestions made and mostly are related to cosplay which Naughty America would likely consider to venture into with VR. The future of porn may be changed by VR due to its capability to create intimate engagement. The restrained seduction works incredibly well which can make sex very thrilling once more.

According to Gustavo Petro, IGN Editor in Brazil, who has been joining E3 for several years, utters that it is the first instance that there has been a massive attention related to adult entertainment at the expo. He also tried the demo and stated that the most striking feature of the VR is its viewpoint.

As per Petro’s review, “The camera is close to the actress, when she was on top of me the perspective was the same as if she really were. It’s not that you can move your head around and see other things; it’s that the perspective is real. The actress is looking into your eyes, actually looking at you in 3D and the depth is very good. As a game journalist and tech journalist I think this might be the next big thing.”

Given the fact that most porn viewers are mostly male, women too are interested in porn. VR porn has always been men’s world to being with and is shot mostly on their perspective with the device strapped to the man’s chest. According to Angie Rowntree, Sssh.com’s co-owner and also a film director, who has an upcoming virtual reality film in July, “Empowering Ava: A Virtual Reality Experience”, a porn especially made for women; they are trying to obtain the enjoyment and pleasure not just cum shot.

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With Rowntree’s movie it can let you go around the scene as the camera is not sticking onto someone’s body. Here you become a spectator instead of joining the fun. There were no crew inside the room just the actors. This gave it a more realistic effect.

As the adult entertainment industry has been in constant attack by piracy, tube sites, free content and more. These VR systems are raising the bar a notch to attract people to shell something out for porn again.

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