vision pro and movie vrNetflix Unavailable on Apple’s Vision Pro Headset: Web Access Only for Streaming

Apple’s Vision Pro, priced at $3,499, will launch without a Netflix app, compelling users to rely on web browsing for their streaming needs. This development comes from a Bloomberg report by Mark Gurman, highlighting that Netflix has no plans to introduce a dedicated app for the Vision Pro nor adapt its iPad app for compatibility.

This decision isolates Netflix from other major streaming platforms

like Disney Plus, Max, Amazon Prime Video, and Paramount Plus, which have announced support for the Vision Pro. The necessity to stream via a web browser may diminish the immersive viewing experience and restrict offline viewing, with potential limitations on video resolution depending on the web browser used.

Despite previously developing an app for Meta’s Quest headsets

Netflix’s current stance for the Vision Pro seems to reflect a strategic or political choice rather than a technical limitation, as suggested by Daring Fireball’s John Gruber. Gruber shares insights into a working version of the Netflix iPad app for Vision Pro testers, indicating the decision against its release might not stem from concerns over user experience.

Netflix’s absence notably contrasts with Apple’s recent announcement

of 3D movies and experiences from Disney Plus and Apple TV for the Vision Pro, potentially making the device less appealing for Netflix subscribers.

The Apple Vision Pro, set to launch with over 600 native apps

and more than 1 million compatible iOS/iPadOS apps, faces notable gaps without native Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify apps. These major services opting out of dedicated Vision Pro support suggest a cautious approach to the new mixed-reality platform, with Netflix Co-CEO Greg Peters expressing skepticism about the device’s potential relevance to their subscriber base.

This cautious stance by Netflix and other services raises questions

about the Vision Pro’s ability to offer a comprehensive streaming experience and its impact on the device’s appeal to potential buyers.

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