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Introducing the All-in-One Pico G2 VR Headset

Pico Interactive, a leading all-In-one VR brand, held a press conference at the Hyatt Regency Beijing Wangjing Hotel to release the new Pico G2 all-in-one VR headset. Nearly 500 VR industry members and media witnessed the birth of the new generation of Goblin. Compared with the previous generation, the G2 (released a year after its predecessor) is fully upgraded with stronger processing performance, lighter wear, and enhanced capabilities to make high-quality VR easier than ever.

Pico G2 uses the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 XR platform with 4+64GB of memory with up to 256GB of micro-SD card expansion, and the Snapdragon™ 835 ensures a smooth experience by optimizing processing core and workload. At the same time, The Pico G2 on the Snapdragon 835™ supports strong connectivity, the most advanced flash memory technologies, and shortens loading time of experiences, allowing you to enjoy more realistic scenes without dropping frames or lagging.

The Pico G2 is equipped with two fast response LCD screens with 3K binocular resolution, a 75Hz refresh rate, and a 101° frame of view (FOV) to improve overall lens clarity while maintaining a large field of view. The front of the headset also features a monocular RGB camera which allows for “pass-through” views into the space in front of you and hand gesture inputs for menu selections.

Compared with the Goblin 1, Pico G2 provides a clearer picture display (25% better than the previous generation), an improved rear-mounted battery design, and a reduced headset weight of an ultralight 268g (40% less than the previous generation).

The G2 is equipped with a 3DoF controller, which compared with the 1st generation controller, adds a trigger button to optimize key arrangement and improve grip handle while facilitating cross-platform porting of content applications.

Sales results of the 1st generation Goblin reflect the strong market demand market for All-In-One VR with an excellent experience and an affordable price. Pico CEO Henry Zhou said that “Pico has always been committed to providing an ultimate mobile VR experience, and we’ve put a lot of research and R&D investment into G2. Our hope is that with the first-class hardware and software design, and the affordable price range, people can really get excited with the easy and immersive G2 experience.”

Qualcomm’s XR Business lead, Gabriel Guo, said: “The Qualcomm 835 mobile platform brings an excellent interactive experience to users with extremely fast speed, long battery life and less heat. It also supports advanced game functions, improves graphics rendering speed by 25%, color display by 64 times, achieving higher rendering level with lower power consumption. We are delighted to keep working with Pico as we continue to elevate the mobile VR experience.”

The Pico G2 utilizes the VIVE WAVE™ VR Open Platform, which brings a consistent user experience across a variety of mobile VR headsets and allows developers to create content for a common platform. To bring a better experience and more VR content to Pico G2 users, Pico’s partnership with HTC Vive also provides Pico G2 users access to the VIVEPORT™ content platform.

The G2 will leverage Pico’s B2B support program and tailored solutions and be available to ship in September direct via Pico to businesses and enterprises around the world. For more information and to stay updated on the G2, visit www.pico-interactive.com.

For press inquiries and more info: contact will@pico-interactive.com

For more photos please see: https://www.pico-interactive.com/goblin-2-event-photos

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