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New Interactive 360 VR Photo/Video Hybrid VR Ready Medium

Introducing Pano Moments

Pano Moments were borne out of the desire to create a more immersive panoramic experience that is easy and fun to both capture and explore. The basic underlying principle is actually quite simple, and it’s for that reason we feel Pano Moments are so interesting as a medium: anyone with a camera, a fisheye lens, and a way to rotate the camera can create a Pano Moment. No stitching required! The end result is something a bit different; simultaneously beautiful and strangely mesmerizing, but most importantly they have the ability to capture the essence of a moment and tell a story.


Pano Moments Launching on Kickstarter soon

If you’re interested in capturing your own Pano Moments, or just like exploring them, add your email below and we’ll keep you updated on our Kickstarter launch. We’re building a web-based platform to enable the creation and discovery of Pano Moments, and hope to extend support to native mobile apps, 3D capture, VR playback at >60fps, and much more.


Destined for VR

Creating high quality, engaging, and immersive VR content is beyond the reach of most casual photographers. We feel that Pano Moments have the potential to significantly lower this barrier and to open up a whole new type of creative content for VR. Not all Pano Moments will be compatible with VR, but those that are will be something special, and just about anyone is capable of creating them.


How Pano Moments work

Unlike traditional panoramas, Pano Moments are not stitched together to form a single image. Instead, individual photos are dynamically aligned upon viewing. This key difference not only allows you to visualize motion by moving forwards and backwards in time, it also provides a more natural sense of depth through motion parallax.

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