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Samsung Gear VR Gets A New Upgrade

Samsung Gear VR is ahead of its competition! While major players in the VR industry is still on their way to release a commercial VR device, Samsung’s Gear VR HMD powered by Oculus just released a second version with enhanced power efficiency and overall performance.

The new Samsung Gear VR headset is simpler and 15% smaller than the first version. The ergonomic redesigned strap supposed to make the new Gear VR to fit more comfortably. On the right you have the track-pad, the back button, and the volume switch same as the previous version. On the top you have the focus wheel

Samsung Gear VR’s new and updated features includes major improvements on heat dissipation design, supporting a longer VR experience. The other addition us the micro USB port, so you can power up the device instead of running the phone’s battery power.

The new Gear VR itself came out with enhanced view improvements, as well as upgrades from Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The S6 and S6 Edge 5.1 inch screen is smaller than the Note 4, with increase resolution from the denser pixels. The 577 pixels per inch display allows users to watch high resolution content like never before, and user can anticipate new content from the Milk VR on a daily basis.

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  1. I predict Samsung gear vr will eventually be a failure and die out, simply because of the rediculous Note4 compatible requirement, notw is the age of open source and shared platform and ecosystem!

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