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New Virtual Reality Adult Entertainment Website ‘VR3000’ Hits 1K Paid Subscribers

“The tech nerds behind the innovative new company predict massive profits for its adult virtual reality business”

After spending nearly two decades helping the giants of adult entertainment monetize their video content online, the small video technology firm Webmaster Central saw an opportunity to make its own move to the upper ranks of adult entertainment. Its founder launched an all new venture centered around the promising emergence of virtual reality adult content and virtual reality technologies, and his new company VR3000 VR Porn Studios is reporting more than one-thousand paying customers in just one month since its July launch.

“Working with so many adult companies over the years, we’ve enjoyed a privileged position of insight into the typical growth patterns for adult companies,” explains Andy Alvarez, CEO and founder of VR3000 Studios. “It hasn’t been easy for companies to sell pre-recorded adult video online when there’s so much content available for free. That reality has now changed in a big way because of VR. This is the fastest I’ve ever seen an adult subscription website reach 1000 paid customers, and we’re just at the tip of the iceberg for what VR can mean to this industry.”


Analysts agree that the opportunity for virtual reality (VR) is about to explode, with some estimates by firms like Digi-Capital putting the market size at about $30 billion by just 2020. And adult entertainment is a logical niche for VR content; the industry has been routinely credited for driving adoption of prior new technologies like DVD players, high-definition videos, and even the Internet itself.


To create the kind of experience that resonates with a modern tech-savvy customer base, VR3000 is looking beyond the “porn star” model that is showing signs of age. According to Alvarez, adult consumers want a more immersive and realistic fantasy that can’t be delivered by a flat 2D screen.


“We’re building an all new kind of experience for customers that puts them right in the middle of the action,” says Alvarez. “The creative process isn’t like the one used for filming old flat porno flicks; we’re pioneering all new ways to shoot videos specifically for VR playback. We’re working with today’s most popular live cam models, and delivering the kind of cutting edge experience that young adult consumers expect. This is the future of adult entertainment.”


Fewer than 1% of US households own a VR headset, which makes VR Studio’s rapid ascent to 1000 paying customers even more remarkable. Companies like Apple and Sony have not yet released their VR solutions, although the Sony release is expected in October. With such favorable market conditions, VR3000 believes it could become one of the largest adult entertainment companies in just five years or less.


About VR3000:

VR3000 was launched in July of 2016 by veteran internet developers from the adult entertainment sector. The company creates and delivers unique virtual reality experiences for its customers, driven by creative filming techniques, a keen understanding of the adult market, and cutting edge VR technologies. Its VR3000 Player can stream VR videos to a variety of platforms, eliminating the need for consumers to store videos locally.

Author: VR Reporter

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