The new VR episode Game STORM is Available on Steam to Play!

Indie developer Anrick Bregman, with the help of a small group of friends, has created thefirst episode of an indie Virtual Reality game called Storm.




Storm is an episodic game that sits somewhere between a film and a game. The firstepisode focuses on your character waking up in an intense snowstorm. It’s a battle againsttime in which you try to find ways to survive and figure out who you are, where you are andwhy you’re here.


Few VR episodic games are available for the Vive, but this puzzle/survival/adventure gamemakes the most the touch capabilities of the Vive. It’s perfect for players learning to interactin a virtual world, as you have to learn to unlock the game by interacting with items toprogress. The game is in Early Access on Steam and only available for the HTC Vive, andwill soon be available for the Oculus Rift using Touch as well. You can get it now for £1.99.


“I was inspired by real, yet extreme situations. And the visual beauty of extreme
environments, like a snow-storm for example. That’s where the idea came from, an
aesthetically beautiful but deadly experience where your body is pushed to the extreme.”
– Anrick


The indie developer is based in London and has worked with Jakub Jakubowski (LeadDeveloper) and Andrej Savcic (Producer), as well as a small group of friends and colleagueswho joined the project for short periods to make it come to life. The project was built inUnreal Engine, and is supported by Production Company UNIT9.


STORM was a passion project between friends and colleagues, self-funded and created intheir spare time. They have great hopes for the future. STORM already offers in-gameteleportation, weather dynamics, hand animations, object colliders and vibrant, dynamiccharacter voice, performed by the L.A. based actor Tommie Earl Jenkins, but the team havegreater ambitions both for the visual style of STORM and especially for the 4 additionalepisodes they plan to make, each of which will be larger in scope and tie together acomplex narrative they say will be a ‘psychological thriller you can play with your hands’.


They want to explore different environments like a desert sandstorm, jungle and a city. Theteam plan to create an additional 4 levels that are longer, more immersive with connectednarratives.


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