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Ceek: Next Galaxy Corp’s VR Content Hub & Social Platform

Next Galaxy Corp, founded by Mary Spio, is a virtual and augmented reality content and technology solution company.


Mary Spio founder next galaxy corp

Mary Spio, founder of Next Galaxy Corp.


Next Galaxy Corp is building an integrated VR content management and delivery system named CeeK, a fully immersive virtual environment, a platform for people to connect and share experiences, a VR content hub, and a fully integrated social platform.



Ceek is like a full-functional virtual city that provides entertainment such as sports events and concerts, user-friendly virtual content delivery and sharing platform, virtual space for business meeting, virtual shopping center for you to shop, virtual classroom for education, and a social platform to meet and socialize with others.


vr content hub ceek

Ceek is an all-in-one VR content hub and management system.


In short, Next Galaxy Corp’s vision is to build CeeK as an entertainment, business, education and lifestyle oriented virtual reality metaverse, and central command center that brings virtual and augmented reality all together under one roof.

Ceekars 4D audio headphone


Ceekars vr controller


Next Galaxy Corp has developed an audio solution for virtual reality environment, the Ceekars 4D audio headphone, the headphone aim to provide a high definition cinematic 4D audio experience for virtual reality gaming and entertainment.



next galaxy corp partners

Next Galaxy Corp has worked with some major players in different industries.


Ceekars also comes with a VR controller that enables users to navigate and control the virtual environment. The DK1 version of Ceek can be downloaded at So far, there is no official announcement for the CeeK launch date, we will keep you informed if any update.


Content & Image Source: Next Galaxy Corp, Indiegogo

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