no more rainbow game vrNo More Rainbows to Introduce Deathmatch Mode in Upcoming Update

In a thrilling development for fans of No More Rainbows, a highly-anticipated Deathmatch mode is set to be unveiled in the upcoming update scheduled for next week, available on both Quest and PC VR platforms.

No More Rainbows, the adventure platformer released in June, has captured the hearts of gamers with its unique arm-based locomotion and enchanting storyline focused on restoring a decaying homeworld. The excitement surrounding this title reached new heights when Squido Games, the esteemed developer behind the game, announced their post-launch roadmap at the UploadVR Summer Showcase 2023.

The pièce de résistance of this major update is the introduction of a six-player free-for-all Deathmatch Mode, complete with six meticulously designed maps that promise intense battles and endless thrill.

Unveiling New Power-Ups and Cosmetics

But that’s not all; this update comes bearing even more exciting gifts for players. Gamers can look forward to three new power-ups that will inject a fresh layer of strategy into their gameplay. The ‘Sword’ power-up, for instance, allows you to skewer an enemy with a single swift strike, providing a satisfying advantage in the midst of battle. Meanwhile, ‘Milkshake’ offers temporary invincibility, giving you the edge you need to outmaneuver opponents. And ‘White Berry’ empowers you to create wind vortexes, strategically deployed as traps to outwit your rivals.

In addition to these power-ups, a dazzling Gold cosmetic tier is poised to make its debut, allowing players to customize their avatars with a touch of opulence and style.

Compete Globally with Leaderboards

For those who crave competition and yearn for recognition, the update brings forth leaderboards, complete with world rankings for each game mode. Prove your skills, climb the ranks, and cement your status as a No More Rainbows legend.

Furthermore, a brand-new lobby system is being introduced to enhance the gaming experience for dedicated game modes, ensuring that players can swiftly connect with fellow enthusiasts and dive into exhilarating matches.

Mark your calendars, as the highly-anticipated update for No More Rainbows is scheduled to grace your screens on October 5. In the meantime, the base game is readily available on Steam and the Meta Quest platform, inviting players to embark on a mesmerizing adventure like never before.

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